Internet Money Maker: Direct Selling, Affiliate, Arbitrage and Pay Click

One day, I was really wonder when I heard my friend quit his job. How’s he gonna live? Just until 1-2 months ago, I knew how he’s got his income. It’s from GOOGLE! He rely on Google for everyday eat. He’s making around 2000 USD per month. It’s a big money for people who live in Bali.

I’ve read some articles about making money online. I actually tried some of them. But nothing I’ve tried made me rich. I didn’t put a lot of efforts to it either. Let’s do some brainstorms!

Some famous “techniques” of internet money machine (that I tried) are direct selling, affiliate, arbitrage and pay per click.

Direct Selling
Same as it’s in real world, what you gonna sell? It has got to be something unique, which market demands them, and ability to be delivered using internet. This is 3 must requirements! I’ve been thinking every single night to meet these 3 requirements but still couldn’t find one yet. Check out this website fiverr.

This techniques is like multi level marketing in real world. You have down and up line. Basically, you’ve got commission from selling stuffs. I’ve joint some products mostly books about this and that. The best is of course Amazon. They have huge number of products. You can choose the right product for the right market. It’s really easy to say really. Famous product means large competitors. No competitors mean no one buying the products. So what do you do? Let’s forget it for now.. argghhh..

Another one, we could write some books about some interesting things. Sell it under multi level marketing or direct selling. I might fool 1 or 2 people to buy my books, but they won’t tell their friends or buy another of my books. Because I’m not a good writer!

Only in the internet you can do this. There’s 2 type arbitrages that I’ve tried: forex arbitrage and sport arbitrage. Forex arbitrage is like you have 10 money changers side by side. You make profit from the difference rate of buy and sell between money changers. Same thing happen with sport arbitrage. Profit is from the difference betting rate of team A and team B between dealers. It seems so easy right? In fact, arbitrage happens so fast. As soon as people knows, people will start buying or selling, it will balance. Arbitrage normally happens in small infamous dealers and the profit / arbitrage is really small: 1-2% in most of the time. When I did my research, we need to open more than 50 accounts in 50 dealers. We, of course, have to put a lot of money to the account before we can buy or sell. To profit $10, we have to put $1000 in each account. Lets say dealer A buy $1000, dealer B sell $1000. There’s 0% losing, BUT some chances that the dealer will take away your money and run. Let’s forget this forever..

Pay per Click (PPC)
We got paid when people click the ads on our website. There are number of ad providers. Some that I’ve tried: adbrite, black label and google adsense. Let’s think about this. Pay per click is useless when the ads come out in a different topic web page. People will just click it for fun. More likely there won’t be any sales from the ads.

When company joins the ppc provider, they will be asked for keywords. These keywords will be used for putting the ads to the right page. The provider will scan the web page and decide which ads should go to this page. We all know, this is what google do best. Google seems to be able to read web page nearly as how human read it. Other provider.. hmmm.. not really sure.

This is why some companies willing to pay a lot for their ppc with google. Google can bring them to the right market and show the ads. Simply, the companies are making money from their ads at google. Keyword such as buying auto insurance online is cost USD $50 per click! I’m in indonesia, if I googling with that keyword, I wont see any ads that I can click. Google way! I don’t think company willing to pay such amount to other ppc provider.

As for us, let’s use google as our ppc for sure. The most difficult part is putting our website to the top search. Google always updating their search algorithm to make sure their search result correctly so that the company putting the ads actually making some sales from them. Methods which are used some years back, are now useless. How’s the keyword density in title, meta tag, body, building links, using some html tags, etc, etc are now becoming less important. As more and more people abusing that techniques, google finds other way to give better result. More proper website. I think google is more interacting with the user directly. I notice different search result when using different computer. customization? really? WOW.. think the impossible..

Hacking Indonesia Porn Gambling Website Block

Have you getting sick of this internet blocking?

Yeah you are not alone!

I normally use Smart Telecom as my internet provider. I don’t get any blocks at all till now, so I didn’t really bother. But as I use WiGO currently as a trial user, I got really pissed. WiGo such a really fast internet provider which you can enjoy watch streaming movie without buffering. Coz of the blocking, I can’t access them!

I used to block my office from any accesses to high bandwidth websites using proxy server. So I was thinking they doing it the same way. For me, this is the proper way to do it. It’s hardly hacked. I started thinking (just thinking) to get a cheap but fast virtual server to build a proxy. But before I do that, I remembered one project called Nawala Project, which currently use by Blackberry Service in Indonesia to do this blocking. The blocking is done by dns server. It’s a good technique for kids! I thought and hope that WiGO using the same kind blocking.

and what.. Well oh well.. Lucky me! Save my money! WiGO is using this type of blocking. I’m not sure with other ISP, dont have any accesses to them. Please let me know.

So how it works?
Computer is connecting using what it’s called IP address (e.g. Dns server is used to translate the address into IP (numbers) (e.g. to So when you type to your browser, it goes into dns server asking what the ip address is, and then go to that ip address asking for the page.

This is the only reason we need dns server. Since the blocking is done by dns server, we just need to change the dns server, don’t we? In one condition: WiGO is allowing it. WiGO can forward any dns connections to their dns server. English: we can’t change the dns server. But what a lucky day! WiGO don’t do that.

So, how it’s done?
Simple! Basically, just change your dns server to any public dns server. One of them is google public dns. Please follow their instruction how to use their dns server here:

Government Should NOT Block Porn in The Internet

I was queuing at the bank when I saw 2 children playing some faking style to each other while their mum was being assisted. I was a bit shock. They were only like 8 and 6 years old. How come they know this such of things? is it their fault? is it their parents’? or is it the government’s?
Our government started to block porn sites about 1 or 2 months ago. Now they’ve been pushing others such as blackberry (bb) services to block as well so bb users cant access the site from their handheld. Currently only some operators block the site. Mine using AXIS is not being blocked.
What sites are actually blocked by the government? It’s a bit funny really. I’m not a porn maniac, but I know some well-known porn websites. And only 1 of them is blocked: playboy. Try hustler, redtube, puretna. These three are a lot more hard core than playboy, are not being blocked. FYI: I’m using telkom speedy. I don’t consider playboy as a porn website. It only shows boobs and to get more you have to pay and it’s expensive. Redtube, on the other hand, you see everything in one single click. And it’s not being block. So what are they really blocking? bull shit? it’s only a way to get more rating for the next election?
It’s either our government don’t know those websites, or they don’t want to block them. I believe they just don’t know these websites. They might be very religious people who put these porn as a taboo. They’re not allowed to see porn. How can they know if the website consists of porn? Wrong people for the job, they should employ me lol. Since they don’t know hustler which is the second top porn mags in the world, how will they know others? They just won’t know.
With the rapid of information exchange over internet and development porn website which is one of the biggest businesses in the world right now, it’s almost impossible to block all of them without scarifying other excellent sites. For example, just recently top indonesian artist were being charged because of their xxx video. This video was uploaded to youtube and stayed there for some days. I got the information over twitter and blackberry massager. Then more and more people started uploading the same thing. So is it right to block youtube in this case? Of course NOT! Youtube has been helping all of us for some interesting things such as tutorials, news, etc.
SO what I’m saying, blocking is just not the right solution for everybody. So it shouldn’t be done at government level which will affect all of us in the country. It should be done in smaller area such as school, home, etc. There are a lot of tools to do this. By default windows 7 has the facilities for doing this. It’s easy. The government can make regulations so that the head of the area responsible for this matter.
Internet is built on a platform of freedom of information. Everyone is free to get and give information. Without this platform, internet is nothing and won’t change our life as it is now. This information includes porn. Who needs porn? I do! And I believe lots of people do. For me, porn is entertainment and helpful in my sex life.
I don’t think porn is harm in any ways for people who understand it. Those who don’t might cause some harm to them and others. Another key is the knowledge. However, here in Indonesia, talking sex is considered taboo. We have to change that thought. Sex is one need of life. It’s like eating, drinking and place to stay. Everybody needs it, so why taboo talking about that? I remember when I took my first English lesson in Australia. One subject being thought is sex. Nothing seems wrong with that. It helped us to know about sex culture in Australia so we wouldn’t get kill haha. Yes we have to talk about sex more and more. I mean the government have to talk about sex more lol.

Franchised minimarket from open competition perspectives

It’s been many news recenty about franchised minimarket being closed up by the local government. The reason is they have no license which seems a bit odd. There are plenty similar shops (non franchise) which I strongly believe have no licenses either. They has been operating in years without any problems.

Futhermore, from my experience, I can’t propose a license if I don’t have the actual shop. So in other word, I have to open the shop before applying the license. Again I strongly believe, since they are franchised minimarket which have so many branches around Indonesia, they know these licenses requirement better than anyone else in the business.

I am sure it’s not about the licenses. In fact, similar businesses in the area of minimarket scare they will get broke. Well it’s kinda true also. This issues have been propagated by someone for some reasons. Let’s leave them for now.

Let’s look at which will benefit more. Open competition always give lots benefit to end consumer. One good example is what happen in telecommunication market. Since Indonesia let others to compete with the only one company telkom, we have cheaper deal, good customer services and good quality of the products. More companies mean more jobs and more taxes. If we look at PLN, expensive, no customer services, quality? You bet! But now since Mr. Dahlan came in, it feels that they are on the right track. I’m one of his fans. Let’s us pray and hope!

Radius affecting by the minimarket won’t be so far since shopping in minimarket is not entertaining. In most cases, people know what they wanna buy before entering the shop and get out as soon as they find what they’re looking for. So let’s say 2 km radius. Outside this radius will find other minimarkets or shops to shop. So how many people do you thing will suffer? I don’t think it will be many. May be 2 similar shops within this radius. How many people will get the benefit? Plenty!

People around will get the benefit from the cheaper price and other promotions, shows, etc. Government will get more taxes especially the 10% PPN, VAT or GST. Mostly similar shops don’t pay this tax. And this tax should benefit more people somehow. Staff which normally local people get better training and opportunities to improve their career such as supervisor, store manager, area manager and so on.

So so so.. More advantages than the disadvantages right? Let’s the market be free and open.. It will benefit more in the LONG RUN.. One more thing, please KICK that someone arse

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Beware of phone scam sht in Indonesia

I’ve nearly been a victim of phone scam JUST NOW. fak!. Nearly twice this single month. These thief are around and doing their phone scamming more and more often.

First attempt was when I wanted to sell my car. I put advertisements on some papers. I put on saturday and sunday. And then the next saturday sunday. I think in my second or third week of advertisements this guy texted me saying that he was from the newspaper company named Bali Post and a doctor from Jakarta interested in buying the car and asked me to call that doctor.

So I called the doctor. The doctor said he would be in Bali in the next 2 weeks and needed to settle some things as well as car. He did some negotiations with the price. Everything seemed so right until he said he was going to transfer me a 5 million deposit without even looked at the car. I started to wonder. But what the hack, I gave him my bank account number.

An hour later, he called me and told me that he transfered the deposit and asked me to check. I checked using internet banking.. nothing. He insisted me to go to ATM machine to made a complain together. He was worried about his money being lost. This time I knew that this was a fakn scam. A friend of mine was a victim of this ATM phone scam. He was told to press some numbers in the ATM which later he found out that his money gone being transfered to someone.

The second scam which just happened this morning. A guy called me yesterday to made an order of some plywoods. FYI: I am selling building materials. He asked to delivered the order tomorrow and he was ready to made some deposits. Same story repeated.

Some says when you go to ATM, you’ll somehow follow his instruction. It’s like being hypnotized. Really? I’d love to try some times. But I need to move my money to my wife account before that. Just in case I’m hypnotized. kakaka.

Road Map to Loose Your Fatty Weight

Why do you want to loose your weight?
This is a question you have to ask before you start any exercises. The most important thing is the motivation. You have to set a goal, a real goal, that will motivate you. Please read my previous article about setting goal by feeling it.
Now we talk about the road map in loosing weight. The easiest way is take off some teeth of yours. You’ll loose about 1-2 kg instantly. Just joking! We have to know, what part of our body that we want to get rid off. I think we all know the answer. It’s not our teeth, muscles, bones, etc but it’s our fat. So we will focus on how to burn this fat later on.
Loosing weight is about diet and exercise. Diet doesn’t mean that we don’t eat. We just have to know our food and how to eat them. In the beginning, I don’t reduce my portion since I just can’t, but I reduce some foods that make me fat. Oily food is obvious. I reduce most of them. I also reduce carbohydrate food such as rice and noodle. Why? Excess carbohydrate will become fat. I also reduce food from white powder such as white bread. White powder is worst than rice and noddle. Since I have to eat at my portion to feel good, I reduce all of above food, I put more meat, fish or chicken. I also put more vegetables.
Let’s us understand how our body work. There are 2 different times our body burn fat. One is when we do some burn fat activities which I’ll explain later. Two is when we sleep. I’m not joking. Yes, our body burn fat mostly when we’re sleeping. How much it burn is really depends on our body metabolism.
Burn Fat Activities
When we do some activities like sport, our body will firstly burn water, next glucose (sugar), third other carbohydrate, then fat. Sugar is normally in carbohydrate group, but this time, we differentiate them. For example, we run for 2 minutes in maximum speed and stop, we won’t burn our fat. Our body will mostly burn water, sugar and carbohydrate. We’ll sweat heavily during the first minutes. But that’s water. Don’t get it wrong. Most people think that it’s fat. When we run, our heart rate is high. We need a lot of instant energy. Since fat is difficult to burn, our body will burn others that can easily be converted to energy such as water, sugar and carbohydrate.
So how do we burn our fat? We have to exercise constantly for about 20 minutes to get to the fat part. Any heaviest exercise that we can do constantly (without stopping) for about 20 – 30 minutes will burn fat. I say the heaviest. You take walking as the exercise. You have to walk faster and put more inclination. The theory says you have to keep your heart rate between 60% – 70% of your rate.
This is how you calculate your heart rate. 220 – your age is your max heart rate. I’m 30 years old. So my max heart rate is 220 – 30 = 190. 60% is 114. 70% is 133. So I have to exercise between this rate. It kinda hard when you don’t have the equipments with you. So I would say, any heaviest exercise that you can do for 20 – 30 minutes will do.
Some tips:
  • Do other exercise such as weight lifting before you do above exercise.
  • Exercise in the morning before you eat any carbo.
The purpose is to use the carbo in your body before doing the fat burning exercise. Since no or less carbo in the body, body will start burn fat faster
Burn Fat While Sleeping
Our body does its most work while we’re sleeping. Why? Because when we sleep, we basically don’t need anything. We don’t need any energy to talk, stand, open our eyes, etc. So our body will do other jobs like repairing cells, growing and also burning fat. How much it burns will depend on our body metabolism.
For regular people, the body metabolism is around 2000 calories. If you notice in any packed or can foods nowadays, they show their percentages of fat, carbohydrate, protein based on 2000 calories.
So how do we increase our metabolic rate?
First, get healthier. If you feel you don’t have enough vitamins, then get multivitamin pills. Exercise regularly. Have enough good sleeps.
Second, do metabolic exercises. Like what? Do exercise to put your heart rate at maximum for 5 minutes (if you can’t do it in 2 – 3 minutes first) and then stop for 2 minutes. Then continue again. Repeat it until about 30 minutes.
For conclusion, there are two ways to burn fat, so which one is the best? Both of them! Do the burn fat activities for 3 times a week and the metabolic twice a week or may be three for faster result.
Weight Lifting Exercise is also important part of fat burning. Not the weight itself is important but more the repetitions. So get enough weight, do it in minimum 20 times x 4 set each exercise. If you want to burn more fat in your abs, do more exercises for your abs.

Setting Goals by Feeling It

I heard in so many seminars, I read in so many books about how to set my goals. But I never knew what this goals for. I know that I want to have some things, or go some where. And I know how to set a road map to be there. But always, in the middle or even just after start, I started to give up. And not for long after that, I really gave up and forgot about the goal I have set.
I attended full three days recorded Anthony Robbins seminar by Tung Desem Waringin some years back. I’ve learned so many things. One that really hit me was how to get rid of my fear. I always scare to talk in public. This is the main reason I attended this seminar at the first place.
About setting goals, in this seminar I learned that goal can be set by the fear itself. I was told to imagine something really frightened. I imagined that my mom got really sick and I don’t have any money to pay for the hospital, so that the worst things happen. It totally worked !! I have to make more money so that I can pay the hospital. Every time I was about to give up, I remember this imagination, and I’ll continue my road map.
The other way to set the goal is to feel the goal itself positively. You feel the enjoyable part. Normally the goals are something good, fun and enjoyable, aren’t they?. Let say you have a goal to have a Ferrari F430. Then you feel it, don’t own it since you can’t afford it. You can rent it from a friend, or from a rent car. Believe me, it’ worthed. Feel the differences. Go to a crowded place. Feel it when everybody look at you, feel when gorgeous girls look at you, they talk about you. Feel it and put it in your head. This feeling will keep you running to reach this goal every time you are about to give up.
I tell you about my experience. It seems a really simple thing, but it made me understand how to set a goal. I’m really enjoying myself when I’m drunk with a lot of friends in a favorite places. About two years ago, I started to feel sick every time I got drunk. Until a time I got really sick and couldn’t wake up from my bed.
Then I checked myself with the doctor. My cholesterol was high, problem with my liver, uric acid was high and the worst thing was my balder was sandy. I knew that all this problems because of my way of eating and my sport activities which basically none.
So then, I decided my goal was to get healthier so that I can go to a club and feel what I wanted to feel. The goal was set. The goal was not really the healthier thing, but it’s more about the feeling. I better say, the goal was the drunken feeling.
To reach the goal, I have to set a road to be there. Two things I could do. One was to go on diet. The other was to do some sports regularly. The mix of both would give me a faster track. But I had to be honest to myself so that I won’t suffer during reaching my goal. Diet was a really hard choice for me. My environment just wouldn’t let me to go on a heavy diet. Regular sport like gym was more likely.
I started to get some resources from the internet. I learned which exercise could burn fat, how often should I go to gym, how long, etc. The important thing to learn is what to expect from the exercise you’ve done. If you walked 30 minutes every morning, you can expect that you will loose your weight about 10 kg in 6 months FOR EXAMPLE. You can’t expect you loose 10 kg in 1 month by doing this exercise. You can asked the instructor in the gym for more resources. I’ll write in other article about the exercise to loose weight.
There was a time when I feel tired and bored. This was when my feeling goal help. This time I know that setting goal is the most important part. I reminded myself about my feeling goal for 1 minute. Then I got excited and started to continue my road map.
Feel your goal, draw a road map to get there and know what to expect in period of times. That’s about it.

Final Champion League 2009 – Why I think Man Utd will win the trophy

The ideal final will begin in 3 hours. The king of England vs The king of Spain. The best defensive vs The best attacking team in Europe. If you watched the semifinal Chelsea vs Barca, you would agree that Chelsea should win the semifinal. It’s obvious unless you are Barca fan. From bandarmologi point of view: money will be much greater if Barca vs Man Utd in the final. Of course !! Just compare Barca and Chelsea fans for start.

Let’s talk about the final.

Barca will miss 3 of their first choice defenders. I think since the news became official, the odds slide a bit. Barca: 1.97 to 2.05. Check this graph. This is a really really BIG LOST for Barca. So what this graph or odds tell you? More and more people in the world take MAN UTD. More brains are likely better than fewer brain, aren’t they?

Sir Alex is far better, more experiences, than his counterpart Guardiola. Back to semifinal when Barca almost lost to Chelsea, lessons are learned by Sir Alex. Barca always plays beautiful attacking football, I’ve never seen they play differently. Their fans love the way they play. But it will cost Barca this time. I believe Man Utd will play boring defensive counter attack which Barca hits alot. The game will be very similar with the semifinal when Chelsea vs Barca.
The second best player in 2008, Lionel Messi, has difficulty playing with EPL defender which use more physical contacts. Patrick Evra will guard him closely. I think he capable doing that. I just hope that he won’t get a red card.
Top 50 Asianbookie competition stats, 58% (22 of 38) takes Man Utd.
For these four reasons, I strongly believe the game will go tie or Man Utd get luckly with 1 goal.
I don’t think of any bandarmologi analysis at this final. 
Correct Score: 0-0 and 1-0

Ticker for Yahoo Commodities Contract

Month Code: (F=Jan, G=Feb, H=Mar, J=Apr, K=May, M=June, N=July, Q=Aug, U=Sep, V=Oct, X=Nov, Z=Dec)

For Examples:

WTI Oil: CLV08.NYM (V08 = October 2008 Futures Price on Nymex)
Copper: HGV08.CMX (Oct 08 Copper on Comex)
Gold: GCV08.CMX (Oct 08 Gold on Comex)

10-yr US Treasury: ^TNX
5-yr US Treasury: ^FVX

Tat & Lyle (London): TATE.L

CU08.CBT Corn Sep 08 
OU08.CBT Oats Sep 08 
RRU08.CBT Rough Rice 
SMQ08.CBT Soybean Meal Aug 08 
BOQ08.CBT Soybean Oil Aug 08 Chain, 

CLQ08.NYM Crude Oil Aug 08 
HOQ08.NYM Heating Oil Aug 08 
NGQ08.NYM Natural Gas Aug 08 
PNQ08.NYM Propane Gas Aug 08 
RBQ08.NYM RBOB Gasoline Aug 08 

Howto Use Bloomberg Chart – Free Excelent Chart Comparing

Dig dig dig to bloomberg website.. couldn’t find anything on metal lme quote code.. I was trying to chart them comparing to the associated company share price.. 

but here is some code I’ve found with google.. 
CLSPAUNE:IND >> McCloskey Coal 
USCRWTIC:IND >> US Crude West Texas Intermediate (minyak mentah) 
PAL2MALY:IND >> Crude palm oil 
PLTMLNPM:IND Platinum London PM Fix/USD
SLVRLN:IND London Silver Fix Price/USD
GOLDLNPM:IND London Gold PM Fix Price/USD
MBAVREFM:IND >> Indeks Mortgage Application
JAKFIN:IND >> Indeks finance 
JAKMINE:IND >> Indeks mining 
DJUSCL:IND >>Indeks DJ Coal 
VIX:IND >> Index volatilitas market
SPX:IND >> S&P500 
for Indonesia company put :IJ after the stock code.. eg. TINS.IJ.. for US company put :US after the code.. eg. GOOG:US..