WTF is Crossfit !?

It’s about a year now since my first class in crossfit. And it’s still as exciting as day one! maybe more! amazinggg.

Crossfit is considerably new to bali gym market, even till now, about 4 years after the 1st crossfit box opened here, most gym addict has no clue about it.Everytime I was asked what is crossfit, I hardly can explain it, because I don’t really know it myself! After reading some crossfit journal, I got a better understanding what I’ve been doing every morning. Please note that I am not an athlete, just an ordinary 40 years old guy who wants to be always fit.

So what the fak is crossfit? my definition of crossfit is a sport that makes me to another level of fitness. What do I mean by another level of fitness then? I used to run, cycle, swim, cardio classes. I was at first level of fitness (just my terminology). I was good of what I trained. But what about things or tasks that I don’t normally train? I just couldn’t do well in any other exercises. I couldn’t pull myself up. I was really suck in push up. Lifting heavy stuff? forget it!

Crossfit, on the other hand, takes me to another level of fitness. I am able to do any related fitness tasks quite well. YES I mean ANY! And suprisingly, I am doing better in running, cycling, swimming, cardio classes than what I used to be. You might wonder, how is this possible? What are you actually doing in crossfit?

Backed by science, all work outs in crossfit are focusing towards this fitness level. Fit in crossfit is being able to do any unknown tasks well. Please note that the goal is the fitness level, NOT the muscle size as so many people got this wrong. The main work out can be divided into 3 main categories: weight-lifting, gymnastic and cardio.

Weightlifting includes clean, jerk, snatch, squat and deadlift have been scientifically proven change our body hormonally and neurologically. Weightlifting also improves the power, strength and speed. Gymnastic such as pull-up, push-up, handstand (walk), muscle up, rope climb, improves the body control, flexibility, balance and coordination. Cardio, mostly involves short sprint and interval training, improves the cardiovascular and stamina. Crossfit combines these three and put them to so called WOD: workout of the day. As you can see, crossfit trains all area that you need to be in another level of fitness!

Yoyo Ping Pong Weight Lose

Human body is the most adaptable object in the world! well at least in the losing weight point of view.. here’s my story..

When I started working out in the gym for the first time.. I lost my weight.. but after sometimes.. it stuck and going up slowly.. then I changed my diet.. still going to the gym like before.. eating less rice.. less fried food.. then i was able to get where I was when I started the gym.. maybe a little less.. but then it stuck and again going up slowly.. somehow I never reach to my goal to have a flat belly.. it’s been going on for yearsssss..

I am now almost 40 yo, some articles recommend people like me (old) to do more workout that increase the testosterone level.. more high intensity workout.. lifting more weight.. longer time exercise is not recommended.. crossfit looks excellent to me.. So I joint crossfit about 9 months ago. But again, the cycle repeats! Losing weight when started and then stays and slowly rise.. what the hell !!

Now I am trying some new.. it is still taking me in a good track till now.. the idea comes from a guest coach in the box that I join.. he mentioned about having LESS and only protein kinda food in the day time and having the carb in the evening.. weird right?.. normally.. more food during the day.. less food at night as we more things during the day..

I was so curious with this type of diet.. So I did some googling.. not sure if this is scientifically correct.. but make sense to me.. some articles explain that carb will light up our insulin hormone which will make our body not burning the fat.. so in other word.. to burn more fat.. we need to extend the time period of carb taken to our body.. why don’t we just cut the carb? it works for me for only a week.. after that just can’t do it.. just felt so weak.. especially after the workout..

And now I remember one type of diet call OCD which is quite famous here in Indonesia.. it basically limits the time of food taken in a day.. please note.. it limits the TIME not the AMOUNT of food.. it says you can eat anything as much as you want in some time frame only.. it follows the theory above.. the more often we eat (especially carb).. the more insulin hormone we will produce.. the less fat we burn..

Another thing just pop out in my mind also.. A friend who is known to be one of the best nutritionist in Bali once said to me in a lunch buffet that she needs to eat more fat but no carb.. that time i thought like WHAT?

it is all making sense now.. combining those 3 theories.. to burn more fat in our body.. put more time between each meal.. as far as we can.. use good fatty food as the fuel for our body instead of carb..

will I able to reach my goal this time? let’s see !!

GoPro Freeze Problem Fixed


Bought GoPro Hero4 Silver for my son’s birthday 2 years ago.. It worked super good that time. I didn’t play around with the setting though. So not sure if it was still alright for other video setting. It was set to the 4k 15fps video by default. After some months of idling, the problem started. When I turned it on, it kept  restarting for some number of times. After that it went ok. But it froze when taking video. There wasn’t any certain period of time that it would froze . It was just random. That’s so frustating, i had to keep on looking at the led light, whether it still recording or frozen. Tried to change the video setting, all combination of resolution and fps, none worked. Tried to update the firmware, didn’t help either.
Got tired of it.. I didn’t use it for a while. Then it came the time when I need it, the problem became worst. It froze every 1-2 seconds. I took the sd card away. No help! Did some checks on google, and this guy got the answer for me! check up his video
So what works for me is:
Plug the GoPro to a charger (not computer usb port)
Miracle! no more freeze shit.. but hold on
My SD Card is SanDisk Extreme UHS-I 64GB. I tested the sdcard on my android phone.. the max write speed is around 30MB/s.. Even using the video setting of 720 30fps which is the lowest recording speed 20MB/s.. It still freeze sometimes.. I believe this is the problem of the SD Card.. I just ordered the sandisk extreme pro 32gb which says to have max write speed of 90MB/s.. hopefully it will solve my problem!

updated: 3 Feb 2017 22:54:00 (GMT +8)
Just received my sandisk extreme pro sdcard.. it says 95MB/s read, 90MB/s write speed in the packaging.. tested the card in my android.. it says write speed around 60+MB/s.. good enough for my hero silver as it’s max video setting only need 45MB/s (

I was right! My gopro now works extremely well !! nice nice.. content content please anyone.. 

Bali Reclamation Reason of No Reason

Do you agree of the reclamation in Benoa Bali area? if you ask people in Bali nowadays.. I am sure, you will get no. This reclamation issue is getting really big lately. So many people/organisation use it for their own benefit. People will love you simply by not agreeing the reclamation.

I want to look at a bigger picture. I’ve been searching some articles, why people hates the reclamation. The points are 1st is about environmental issue, 2nd flooding some part of denpasar, 3rd about religious and culture. 
Economic growth normally goes opposite with environmental issues… it is a trade off.. one goes bad the other goes better.. Basically, if you want the economy to grow.. you have to build more road, dig more fuels, build more building.. how?.. by cutting more trees, exploding rock mountains to get their mineral, etc, etc.. It’s sad.. but ?!

Same thing apply here.. It’s a matter of what is more important in this particular moment.. I love the mangrove.. whether it’s going to be destroy if the reclamation take place.. most likely.. BUT.. comparing the damage of this mangrove to the economical benefit by the reclamation.. hmm.. those big people can’t be stupid putting huge amount money for nothing.. some articles I read, the reclamation is actually put the mangrove in a better environment.. I doubt.. but possible in some smaller parts.. 

Second, some says Sanur and some areas will be drowned. I don’t know anything about earth water system. I THINK Denpasar including Sanur is not under sea level. Again I THINK sea level will always be at the same level everywhere in the world.

Let’s take a look about this drown thing. I THINK there are two reasons why Denpasar will get drowned. First, the water rivers that flow to the reclamation bay can’t go through the sea, as the bay is getting higher. So the water flows back while still having the original flows. Second, since water space in this bay decreasing, the water that suppose to be in this bay goes to the other part and making the sea level higher. In this case Sanur sea level will get higher and it will be drowned.

For the first cause, LOGICALLY for me, water will always go down even you put anything in the middle as long there is big enough canal connecting to the level below it. Water will stuck if the canal is too small comparing to the flow the water from the source. For example, when we take shower, water will go to the drain. Let’s say we put towel between the flow of water from the shower and the drain, but let a bit space free, water won’t get stuck. Same thing apply to the reclamation. So the towel is the reclamation. The sea is the drain. I am sure the investor will create this type of canal and more of new technology etc to protect their investment. Again.. they cant be stupid!

Second cause, I am not sure! but really? again LOGICALLY, sea level is the same everywhere in the world! if sea level in Sanur area goes up.. so it is in Jakarta.. I am only sure if those big icebergs melt in artic, then we all get drowned!

Third cause, religious and culture. I am asking many foreigner friends and my guess, the reason they come and live in Bali? Some of them really love Bali and some even want to die in Bali. What they love is the culture. Every body kind, every body smile. They feel comfortable. Of course we also have so many beautiful things for them to see and enjoy. Will the reclamation change these? some articles say YES.. but why?? I just don’t get it.. If we take the reason of economic growth will change people culture, yeah I think so.. but will you stop the economic growth to keep the culture still? can you keep using the same cloth without buying a new and better one? may be for some.. but for most.. of course NOT! So even without reclamation, the economy will growth and it will change the culture eventually.

Another thing I read a lot is about over capacity.. more supply than the demand.. so many hotels will get bankrupt.. unemployment will rise so criminal will rise.. i think this is nothing to do with reclamation.. so many HUGE and small hotels are getting build around Bali at this moment.. why only complain to the one in this reclamation?

For me this issue has been going everywhere.. beyond it’s fact.. the media is not neutral.. mostly backed by some politicians.. cant believe to what they say anymore.. i am lost! If I’ve got to choose.. I choose to buy new and better cloth!

Fastest Way to Loose Weight

I’ve been wondering lately.. some friends who have done a lot of running like 20k+ on their daily activities.. look fatter than what they used to?? How come? .. logically.. when calories burned is greater than calories taken.. you ll lose something..

I read these informative articles that google gave me.. explaining how long steady exercise in fact not a good method in losing weight.. some hormons that are used to burn those fat are actually decreasing.. and even worst.. your muscles get burned instead..

So.. let s forget about being a marathon runner.. let s do this method that i m going to describe..

I talked before about doing exercise at 65% of ur max heart rate.. increasing daily metabolism rate.. those r ancient.. the latest study has shown.. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the fastest technique to loose fat!

Why? The logic is to “damage” your muscles.. and while the body cure that damage muscles.. it needs a lot of calories.. and it s a long one! How to damage the muscles? You do any exercise that u like in MAX!.. while you do it MAX.. you cant do it for long.. u need to rest a bit so u can do it again in MAX.. this is called HITT.. on the other hand.. long steady exercise will not damage the muscles.. so nothing to be repaired and additionally your growth hormon is decreasing..

An example.. let s do running.. 5min warmup.. super max speed 60secs.. rest for 75secs.. super max speed mean you cant run anymore after 60secs.. do it 8 rounds.. then cool down 5min.. that s IT!.. 30min only.. feel the different..

But after a while doing it.. your muscles will get used to it.. it wont give the same damage as before.. you have to change the exercise.. such as burpee, hang, pushup, stairs, jump box, etc etc..

Happy HITTING !!

Credit Card Reward Points: How it worth

Always in my mind, which card give the most of their reward points. I have many credit cards myself, always wondering which one to use every time I buy expensive things. So this is my analysis, I’ll discuss 2 cards I have: Danamon World and Citibank Rewards.

Danamon World

Every 1000 rupiah spent, we’ll get 1.5 reward points. 100K voucher for carrefour is worth 25000 reward points. So the rupiah amount of that voucher will be, 25000 / 1.5 *1000 = 16.666.666 rupiah. You spend 16.6M+ rupiah, you got back 100K.. it’s about 0.6%.. I calculate for redeeming IPAD is about similar percentage..

For millage it looks better. I use the Kris Flyer mileage point since they have the calculator available on their web.. 1 KF (Kris Flyer) mileage point is equal to 12 reward point.. A trip from Singapore to Bali round way needs 12.750 miles.. so it needs 12 x 12.750 = 153000 reward points.. which is equal to Rp. 102.000.000,- of spending.. you get a 2.3M rupiah worth of ticket.. it’s about 2.25%.. taxes and surcharges are excluded..

Another plus point.. we can enjoy the airport lounge using this card, free annual fee, 5% cash back on petrol and bill..

Citibank Reward Card

Every 2500 rupiah spend, you got 1, 2 or 3 reward points.. depends where and when we use the card.. Lets say it’s 2 reward points since mostly we will get these. I took an example of redeeming PS3 500GB.. it needs 323700 rewards point.. it costs Rp 2.750.000,- in some online stores.. 323700 is about Rp. 404.625.000,- of spending.. so it’s about 0.67%..

The best with this card.. when there are some promotions with some venues.. We can use our reward points as cash discount.. such as in Sushi Tei, Planet Sports, Carrefour, etc.. I calculate.. it’s about 15 rupiah for each point + some reward points + more discounts (sometimes).. you spend 2500 rupiah… you’ll get 30 back.. it’s about 1.2%.. double compare if you take the gadget..

For millage.. 7 reward point = 1 millage point.. as above.. 7 x 12.750 = 89250 reward points.. which is equal to Rp. 111.562.500,- of spending.. we get Rp 2.3M worth of ticket.. taxes and surcharges are excluded.. it’s about 2%..

Please keep in mind.. we can get sometimes only 1 instead of 2 reward points for each 2500 rupiah we spend which make all percentage above worst..

Well in conclusion.. danamon looks a bit better on the redemption value.. but citibank has better value if you don’t like travelling and like to spend money to certain places they are partnering..

– I can’t find any information about point getting expired.. it might not get expire.. but have to confirm that..
– This calculation is based on my monthly statement and some information on their official website..
– Disclaimer ON always..

Kris Flyer mileage calculator.. click here

XL GSM Important Code

For XL GSM user.. please remember to do this when going overseas:

#818# -> turn off voicemail
##002# -> turn off all call forward
*123*572# -> turn off all subscription to SMS premium, NSP (nada sambung pribady), DLL..
turn off delivery report for sms

Internet Money Maker: Direct Selling, Affiliate, Arbitrage and Pay Click

One day, I was really wonder when I heard my friend quit his job. How’s he gonna live? Just until 1-2 months ago, I knew how he’s got his income. It’s from GOOGLE! He rely on Google for everyday eat. He’s making around 2000 USD per month. It’s a big money for people who live in Bali.

I’ve read some articles about making money online. I actually tried some of them. But nothing I’ve tried made me rich. I didn’t put a lot of efforts to it either. Let’s do some brainstorms!

Some famous “techniques” of internet money machine (that I tried) are direct selling, affiliate, arbitrage and pay per click.

Direct Selling
Same as it’s in real world, what you gonna sell? It has got to be something unique, which market demands them, and ability to be delivered using internet. This is 3 must requirements! I’ve been thinking every single night to meet these 3 requirements but still couldn’t find one yet. Check out this website fiverr.

This techniques is like multi level marketing in real world. You have down and up line. Basically, you’ve got commission from selling stuffs. I’ve joint some products mostly books about this and that. The best is of course Amazon. They have huge number of products. You can choose the right product for the right market. It’s really easy to say really. Famous product means large competitors. No competitors mean no one buying the products. So what do you do? Let’s forget it for now.. argghhh..

Another one, we could write some books about some interesting things. Sell it under multi level marketing or direct selling. I might fool 1 or 2 people to buy my books, but they won’t tell their friends or buy another of my books. Because I’m not a good writer!

Only in the internet you can do this. There’s 2 type arbitrages that I’ve tried: forex arbitrage and sport arbitrage. Forex arbitrage is like you have 10 money changers side by side. You make profit from the difference rate of buy and sell between money changers. Same thing happen with sport arbitrage. Profit is from the difference betting rate of team A and team B between dealers. It seems so easy right? In fact, arbitrage happens so fast. As soon as people knows, people will start buying or selling, it will balance. Arbitrage normally happens in small infamous dealers and the profit / arbitrage is really small: 1-2% in most of the time. When I did my research, we need to open more than 50 accounts in 50 dealers. We, of course, have to put a lot of money to the account before we can buy or sell. To profit $10, we have to put $1000 in each account. Lets say dealer A buy $1000, dealer B sell $1000. There’s 0% losing, BUT some chances that the dealer will take away your money and run. Let’s forget this forever..

Pay per Click (PPC)
We got paid when people click the ads on our website. There are number of ad providers. Some that I’ve tried: adbrite, black label and google adsense. Let’s think about this. Pay per click is useless when the ads come out in a different topic web page. People will just click it for fun. More likely there won’t be any sales from the ads.

When company joins the ppc provider, they will be asked for keywords. These keywords will be used for putting the ads to the right page. The provider will scan the web page and decide which ads should go to this page. We all know, this is what google do best. Google seems to be able to read web page nearly as how human read it. Other provider.. hmmm.. not really sure.

This is why some companies willing to pay a lot for their ppc with google. Google can bring them to the right market and show the ads. Simply, the companies are making money from their ads at google. Keyword such as buying auto insurance online is cost USD $50 per click! I’m in indonesia, if I googling with that keyword, I wont see any ads that I can click. Google way! I don’t think company willing to pay such amount to other ppc provider.

As for us, let’s use google as our ppc for sure. The most difficult part is putting our website to the top search. Google always updating their search algorithm to make sure their search result correctly so that the company putting the ads actually making some sales from them. Methods which are used some years back, are now useless. How’s the keyword density in title, meta tag, body, building links, using some html tags, etc, etc are now becoming less important. As more and more people abusing that techniques, google finds other way to give better result. More proper website. I think google is more interacting with the user directly. I notice different search result when using different computer. customization? really? WOW.. think the impossible..

Hacking Indonesia Porn Gambling Website Block

Have you getting sick of this internet blocking?

Yeah you are not alone!

I normally use Smart Telecom as my internet provider. I don’t get any blocks at all till now, so I didn’t really bother. But as I use WiGO currently as a trial user, I got really pissed. WiGo such a really fast internet provider which you can enjoy watch streaming movie without buffering. Coz of the blocking, I can’t access them!

I used to block my office from any accesses to high bandwidth websites using proxy server. So I was thinking they doing it the same way. For me, this is the proper way to do it. It’s hardly hacked. I started thinking (just thinking) to get a cheap but fast virtual server to build a proxy. But before I do that, I remembered one project called Nawala Project, which currently use by Blackberry Service in Indonesia to do this blocking. The blocking is done by dns server. It’s a good technique for kids! I thought and hope that WiGO using the same kind blocking.

and what.. Well oh well.. Lucky me! Save my money! WiGO is using this type of blocking. I’m not sure with other ISP, dont have any accesses to them. Please let me know.

So how it works?
Computer is connecting using what it’s called IP address (e.g. Dns server is used to translate the address into IP (numbers) (e.g. to So when you type to your browser, it goes into dns server asking what the ip address is, and then go to that ip address asking for the page.

This is the only reason we need dns server. Since the blocking is done by dns server, we just need to change the dns server, don’t we? In one condition: WiGO is allowing it. WiGO can forward any dns connections to their dns server. English: we can’t change the dns server. But what a lucky day! WiGO don’t do that.

So, how it’s done?
Simple! Basically, just change your dns server to any public dns server. One of them is google public dns. Please follow their instruction how to use their dns server here:

Government Should NOT Block Porn in The Internet

I was queuing at the bank when I saw 2 children playing some faking style to each other while their mum was being assisted. I was a bit shock. They were only like 8 and 6 years old. How come they know this such of things? is it their fault? is it their parents’? or is it the government’s?
Our government started to block porn sites about 1 or 2 months ago. Now they’ve been pushing others such as blackberry (bb) services to block as well so bb users cant access the site from their handheld. Currently only some operators block the site. Mine using AXIS is not being blocked.
What sites are actually blocked by the government? It’s a bit funny really. I’m not a porn maniac, but I know some well-known porn websites. And only 1 of them is blocked: playboy. Try hustler, redtube, puretna. These three are a lot more hard core than playboy, are not being blocked. FYI: I’m using telkom speedy. I don’t consider playboy as a porn website. It only shows boobs and to get more you have to pay and it’s expensive. Redtube, on the other hand, you see everything in one single click. And it’s not being block. So what are they really blocking? bull shit? it’s only a way to get more rating for the next election?
It’s either our government don’t know those websites, or they don’t want to block them. I believe they just don’t know these websites. They might be very religious people who put these porn as a taboo. They’re not allowed to see porn. How can they know if the website consists of porn? Wrong people for the job, they should employ me lol. Since they don’t know hustler which is the second top porn mags in the world, how will they know others? They just won’t know.
With the rapid of information exchange over internet and development porn website which is one of the biggest businesses in the world right now, it’s almost impossible to block all of them without scarifying other excellent sites. For example, just recently top indonesian artist were being charged because of their xxx video. This video was uploaded to youtube and stayed there for some days. I got the information over twitter and blackberry massager. Then more and more people started uploading the same thing. So is it right to block youtube in this case? Of course NOT! Youtube has been helping all of us for some interesting things such as tutorials, news, etc.
SO what I’m saying, blocking is just not the right solution for everybody. So it shouldn’t be done at government level which will affect all of us in the country. It should be done in smaller area such as school, home, etc. There are a lot of tools to do this. By default windows 7 has the facilities for doing this. It’s easy. The government can make regulations so that the head of the area responsible for this matter.
Internet is built on a platform of freedom of information. Everyone is free to get and give information. Without this platform, internet is nothing and won’t change our life as it is now. This information includes porn. Who needs porn? I do! And I believe lots of people do. For me, porn is entertainment and helpful in my sex life.
I don’t think porn is harm in any ways for people who understand it. Those who don’t might cause some harm to them and others. Another key is the knowledge. However, here in Indonesia, talking sex is considered taboo. We have to change that thought. Sex is one need of life. It’s like eating, drinking and place to stay. Everybody needs it, so why taboo talking about that? I remember when I took my first English lesson in Australia. One subject being thought is sex. Nothing seems wrong with that. It helped us to know about sex culture in Australia so we wouldn’t get kill haha. Yes we have to talk about sex more and more. I mean the government have to talk about sex more lol.