District Night Club ex Musro

Went to District on Saturday for the launch of Fashion Vodka. I’ve heard the rumors that the new management has put a lot investment to renovate the place. My expectation was quite high that the place will be a lot better.

Well.. when entering the entrance.. I’ve to throw away that high expectation.. only small little changes to the club.. if you ever go to musro last time.. this new district has no different.. well may be just a little bit.. the lighting, table design, sofa.. I didn’t go to the karaoke room that day..

The party itself was ok.. Only see 2 ftv type of models with lots of f vodka bottles on their table.. there is no free trial of the vodka like they did in Hu’u Bar when they launching the f vodka also.. the crowd was ok but not for long.. live band performance on the stage untill around 1 i guess.. some models on the stage for a short time.. that’s about it.. it’s quite boring after a while..

I didn’t pay for the entrance that day.. not sure how much for the entry fee was.. drink prices are club standard.. cocktail around 100-200K..

Sky Garden Club Bali (Ocean Beach Legian)

Sky Garden and Ocean Beach Club is a club with cheap drinks and good performances.

It’s been a while since my last visit to this club.. and I began to wonder since my 18yo russian neighbor keep talking about this club..

Last time, it was just a small venue.. with cafe in ground /first floor.. resto in second floor.. third and forth are disco.. crowd? so so..

Today, it is a really really exciting place! They manage to link the two building on the second and above floors.. it has more spaces now.. and more people of course.. packed! They are building some spaces behind I suppose.. more to come in months ahead..

The first floor is cafe or something like that.. I think they still selling sandwich like last time.. second floor.. resto bar and hip hop floor.. third floor.. rnb and house music.. forth deep trance music.. they’re all packed every day !!

The drinks here are cheap!.. At the gate, you have to pay 50.000 and you can get 2 beers!

Obviously.. this is a must visit club now if you are in Bali!

[updated 21.06.11]
Just visit this club again on last sat.. arrived there in about  12 am.. not so much crowd.. I still can walk around on the dance floor.. I could see the pole dance really close till I can see her hair haha.. I began to wonder a bit.. why.. But not long after that, people started coming and soon packed!

I paid 50.000 rupiah for the entrance.. and change to long island ice tea.. really love this ice tea.. the alcoholic taste really strong.. I decided to go to up to see more performances.. for you guys love to see performances..  you guys should go to third floor.. in the outdoor area with house / trance music.. this is where the most performances will be..it started with some dances, fire dances and ballet. I don’t know types of dances, but i noticed they were some diff dances even some of the dancer were the same. They were not like any crappy performances where you normally find in other clubs. They were pro! Really love the ballet performance.

these girl were among the ballet performers.

I love the vodka with juice + red bull! It’s like another girly drink at first, but it’s getting more exciting afterward. It was voted as favorite drink by one of foreign magazine (cant remember the name) in 2009. And it’s only 50.000 before midnite and 70.000 after midnite. Really damn cheap!

Cheap drinks and good performances are making Sky Garden n Ocean Beach Club differ from others. These make them packed every single day!

Smirnoff Vodka: Rp. 800.000,- (On special when bought it)
JW Black Label: Rp. 1.600.000,-

New Year Eve 2011 at Bosche Bali

Happy new year guys!

I spent this new year eve at this amazing club called Bosche. Its location is in jalan bypass ngurah rai, Tuban. It’s a complex of disco, karaoke and lounge. You won’t miss it when you pass the tuban high way. It’s huge! Obviously, this is one of the clubs you must go while in Bali.

After stuck and spent my new year count down on a traffic jam, I arrived around 00:30. The crowd was just perfect. We could still breathe!

We picked the table at the rear corner as we thought it’s going to make us a little out of sight while still enjoying the crowd.

Damage cost on NYE:
Table: 2.5 million inc a bottle of chivas + some softdrinks, 4 nye tickets to the club

Bottles: around 1 – 1.5 mil each, can’t remember exactly.

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Bounty Club Discotheque – Foam Party – Muscle Man

Every friday and saturday night Bounty Discotheque performs a special show. Muscle men, break dance, fashion show are some of them. They also has a special party.. FORM PARTY.. I was too damn late to take the form party picture.. there was only one man left in the form box .. Next time I’ll take a better shoot..

Bounty is a really typical balinese discotheque: no aircon, a lot of light, open air, hip hop disco, most people drunk, wet wet wet, famous arak cocktail and beers. But this is why you go to Bali for! Every night this place is packed except in raining night.

Bounty club is right behind Paddy’s Club. There are 2 bars in the entrace walk featuring live rock band. Guests are allowed to sing on the stage. Sometimes I heard the guest was a lot better than the singer.

Bounty itself is a two floor disco. First floor is where the foam box is. It’s a closed air space. There are seldom any people here of course except when the foam party started. The second floor is the open air disco. It’s packed every night. This is where the performances are.

For Indonesian, we have to pay 50.000 beer fee for the entrace. For foreigner is free. If you are Indonesian but you look like Japs super star, you can pretend that you are foreigner. Just be sure to wear your bikinis 🙂 *joking*

This place is really happening. I really love their drunken crowd!. I really recommend you guys to go to this place.

Google Map: -8.718231,115.175042.

Night of Christmas 2009 at Paddys Cafe – Legian Bali

Paddys Cafe (maps: -8.718295,115.174956) is always my favourite destination for every night gigs. I went to Bounty behind Paddys Cafe at around 12.00 AM. It was empty. This is the first time I went to Bounty and empty. Only very few people inside. I guess the rain might be the reason, or all went to church? hmm..

I were there till about 1.30 AM and the crowd started to come. I got those Bounty Specialty Cocktail with Arak Attack (Traditional Balinese Alcohol). You’ll feel something after the third “big glass”. It only costs Rp. 50.000,- per big glass. Not even $6.

I decided to go to Paddys Cafe after feeling a bit drunk. Maybe because the place is smaller than bounty, it looked a lot more fun at paddys that night.

The most I like about paddys is everyone was DRUNK!

If you are in Bali, you should go to this place. The one and only in Indonesia. It’s a real Balinese typical disco. There is no aircon and mostly about 99% are drunk oz. OZ OZ OZ. I luv OZ!

How you should spend your money in Bali (My Way)

Place to eat:

Warung Babi Guling Chandra (Maps: -8.6753,115.207121) in Jl. Teuku Umar, Denpasar. Suckling PIG is one Balinese favourite. They open during day time only.
Nasi Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk (Maps: -8.667112,115.238342) in Jl. Merdeka, Denpasar. Boiled chicken with special Balinese souce.
Mak Beng (-8.673688,115.262418) in Jl. Pantai Sanur, Sanur. Fried fresh fish with the famous Mak Beng sambal. They open during day time only. Food favorite is fried fish completed with rice and fish head soup.
Sate Plecing (-8.653111,115.215082) in Jl. Arjuna, Denpasar. Pork sate with a hot sambal. They open during day time only.
Warung Eropa (-8.673094,115.15852) in Jl. Peti Tenget, Kerobokan. Their favorite food is fried duck with a nice hot sambal. They open day and night.
Jimbaran Seafood (-8.780837,115.165129) before Four Seasons Hotel. Enjoying grilled seafood with a very romantic beach atmosphere. Very nice if you go in sunset.
If you don’t have any GPS equipment, you should get an up-to-date map. The map has to have at least Denpasar, Kuta and Nusa Dua areas.

Rent a motor bike or car. I would say better to rent a bike to avoid traffic if you feel comfortable.

Day Time Activities from Monday – Friday

Day by day from Monday to Friday are very similar. Nothing special. The crowd, events and everything are mostly the same. So I will summaries it.

During these days in day time, you can go to:

Tanjung Benoa (-8.767349,115.222635) for water sport activities like banana boat, jet ski, flying fox, etc. It’s totally fun.

Surfing in Kuta Beach (-8.71628,115.168476) for beginner. You could lend a boogie or surf board in Kuta Beach while enjoying sunset. They can also give you some lessons how to surf. For expert I think you already know where to go.

You can also go to Bali Safari to see animals, Bali Tree Top for some adventures TARZAN activities, River Rafting, Elephant Safari, Diving, Snorkeling, etc. Mostly these activities you could ask for your hotel to book them.

After doing these activities you could have a massage. Try one of the following each day:
3.Cozy in Sunset Road. Just beside Reborn.
During night time, these are what you could do:
At midnight Paddy’s or Bounty (just behind Paddy’s) will give you a lot of refreshing fun. If you are lucky, you won’t go home empty.
For some trance setters, you can go to Double Six on Thursday, they normally have an international DJ spinning every Thursday.

Friday (night), Saturday and Sunday are the best time to be in Bali for party gigs.
Here is my guide:
FRIDAY PM11 PM go to Paddy’s and Bounty.

2.30 AM go to Double Six
6.00 AM go to DeeJay Café
10.00 AM go to Mc Donalds in Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai, Jimbaran. They are the only one who have breakfast menu.After have a good day sleep.
4.00 PM go to Klapa at Dreamland Beach
8.00 PM have dinner at Jimbaran Seafood
11.00 PM go to Engine Room in Legian Area just near Paddy’s
1.00 AM go to Bacio in Double Six Area
3.00 AM go to Double Six
6.00 AM go to DeeJay Café
10.00 AM have breakfast
4.00 PM go to Kudeta in Jl. Peti Tenget.. enjoy the sunset
Have a Happy Holiday !!

Paddys Club 2 – Most Happening Club in Legian Kuta Bali – Every Night

If you come to Bali in week days, don’t worrys. Paddys Club 2 is always packed every night.
My friends from Jakarta came to Bali last week on Tuesday. I took a Beat Magazine and What’s On in Circle K to check if there was any party that night. Some clubs have some regular events. The name of the events were really attractive like Babes and Bubbles. Because of the event name, we then went to the club Double Six area. No crowd. Then while we were here, we checked Jl. Abimanyu Seminyak area, Kuta Beach. DAMN! They were all empty. It’s midnite 0:00.
Then we went to Paddys Club 2. Remember that the first one got bomb. The club was 3/4 full. Dance floor were packed. Here people were mostly from Australia and Japan. They were mostly tourist. I walked around and beside the stage I saw a pool. Not a real one, it’s like kids pool which you can put one the floor. It’s quite big. Well about 5x3m.
Entering Fee: 50.000 (get 1 local beer)
Local Beer (Bintang, Bali Hai, Anker) : 20.000

Back Street ex MUSRO Bali

I went to Back Street last weekend (HELLOWEEN) to see DJ RIRI (one of the best Indonesian DJ). I got there about 11 PM. Paid 50.000 and got a beer. I was a bit shock, the place was really quite. I was informed that DJ Riri will start at 1 PM and super sexy dancers before that. I though OK.. may be I was too early..

About Back Street
Before MUSRO is divided into 2 area. One hall area and karaoke area. The hall area is now managed by Back Street. The hall is big. The stage at the front, left right sofa and bar at behind. Blue color is their trademark I guess. I like the tables with the blue light inside them. Parking space is huge, you can also use the parking mall (Discovery Shopping Mall).
If you went to MUSRO Hall before, the interior is quite similar. Just some tweaking here and there so it look more simple and big. It’s a lot better I would say.
If you need more “friends”, they also have PR (Public Relation) for this services. Just ask the waiters for the PR.
I waited there until 12.30. The crowds weren’t here!! More people coming, but there wasn’t enough to make the event happening.
A lot of places this day had helloween party, and I don’t want to miss the night of helloween by sitting around waiting for people. So I decided to enjoy at other places.

Blue Eyes Cafe at Genesis Hotel Spa Bali

Another one luxurious club is opened in Bali. I was lucky I got invited to the soft opening of Blue Eyes Cafe. For more information about their facilites you can visit their website @ http://www.blueeyescafe.com.

I arrived about 10 PM and cars were packed!! I had to walk down 15 minutes from my car to the venue.

The cafe / club have 2 different areas. One for hall (indoor) where you can watch some performance in the stage and other is karaoke room. The hall is big enough for 1000 people maybe (CMIIW). The sound system and laser are really good. The sound system in the karaoke room is also very good. Just their song selection system isn’t so nice.