Bedugul Bali Saranam Resort

Bali is not only kuta, legian, ubud or nusa dua! There is one treasure almost be forgotten nowadays. Bedugul!

Bedugul is only one of many tourist destinations in the area.. The area is in high land with really nice cool weather.. Bedugul is a place in Bratan Mountain with Bratan Lake.. Another 2 lakes are Buyan dan Tamblingan Lake.. They really close to each other.. about 15 minutes driving.. It seems only Brantan Lake is managed well until now.. You can go around the lake by boat.. rent a jet ski.. there’s a hotel.. and the latest one.. there’s villas which only can be reached by boat! this is really cool.. only 700K per night.. I will spend my night there someday.. just to find the right partner.. imagine there will be nothing else but trees and fishes..

As the area getting famous.. More and more attractions coming.. there’s a tree top in the botanical garden where you can be a tarzan.. there are two places offering horse riding, atv, etc..

The best view for me still in Puncak Bagus where you see two lakes from the hill.. I wrote about that long ago..

One of the best hotels in the area is Saranam Resort.. Nice rice field scenery.. unfortunately, you cant see the lake or mountain from here.. they have rooms and bungalows.. stay in bungalows.. really quite.. really nice to clam our brain.. but i can’t stay more than 1 day here.. except..

Bali Accommodation | Sanur Beach Hotel

In one golf gathering, I was really lucky. I got a door prize, 1 night voucher for sanur beach hotel bali. It was like my second door prize in my whole life. I’m not that really lucky person for this matter. Anyone knows how to increase my luck? I tried some odds things but none works haha.

This is an old five star hotel.. They don’t really do any major renovations to the building.. The lobby is small and oldiest.. But clean.. I got a room on 2nd floor.. 214 if I’m not wrong.. It’s a twin bed room.. Single size bed.. Room pretty small… 3×4 I guess.. With balcony facing to garden and beach.. Nice relaxing view.. They had this beautiful garden.. Bath room quite small also compare to nowadays five star hotels.. There was only few channel on tv.. But they had australian open.. OK!

The best thing for this hotel.. It has beach.. The hotel is along sanur beach.. The pool, resto and bar are in the area.. After some sun bathing with some beers *my fav!*.. Went to the pool.. Got some more beers.. Seat by the beach after with some snacks and beers.. Whata life!

Sanur beach is facing east.. One of the best sunrise you could ever see in bali.. I set my alarm at 5.45am the next day.. I rushed down to the beach.. I saw many people walking running cycling along the beach walk-way… Sanur has this long walk-way along the beach.. But don’t expect to see many hot chicks here eyy.. Sanur is always for those looking for quite relaxing atmosphere which mostly oldies.. If you don’t like surfing.. dont like party.. you can add this to your bali accommodation wish list.

The sky begun blue not long after I arrived at the beach.. Begun yellow in minutes.. And the sun rised from the sea.. I left my phone in the room! I wish I can capture this..



Villa 3V Kerobokan for Accomodation in Bali

The Villa

Traveling with group or children to Bali? Need bigger space but don’t want to spend to much on accomodation?

3V Kerobokan villa is one of your best accommodation in Bali. 3V is located at Kerobokan, Bali. If you hate kuta of its busiest and noisy atmosphere, you’ll love this place. It’s a right in the middle of denpasar and kuta. Don’t expect to walk to the beach. You can’t run either to some rice fields. You have to rent a car or grab a cab to be in those places. Well.. what you pay is what you get. But the nearest “civilize” beach: seminyak beach is just 10 minutes away. You could see more details about this villa at their website.

They have 6 private villas side by side a long the garden walkway as pic below. Each villa has 2 bedrooms, kitchen, jacuzzi, tv, etc.

The villas are cozy, quite and well maintain garden. An open air restaurant and pool complete our needs. If only we can leave our children back home! but don’t worry.. They have a kids club which will take care of your children while you getting drunk by the pool. What make 3V different with other villas is their staffs who really really take care for their guest. Especially the one at the kids club, forgot his name, he’s really best at his job. Kids love him! You just can feel it when people serve you with their heart. oh so mellow!

The Fitness Club

They have the best fitness class in town. I’ve been to many fitness clubs in Bali from 15K to 500K per month. 3V has the best classes and instructors. Not the best club as a whole though. Some points are not enough to be the best. Parking is just not enough. Towel is too small if you want to have shower. And it often smell bad. Toilet! They only have 2! Hopefully they’ll do something about that soon.

3V has those world famous les mills programs such as body pump, rpm, trx, etc. They also like to have this outdoor activities such as cycling in some beautiful areas in Bali. For villa guest, you can use the fitness club for free. But the rest, you can have 1 entry for free. Make sure you join classes by the master: yvete, pete or min.

Real cheap hotel accommodation in Denpasar Bali – Penginapan Puri Ayu

I would say this is not a hotel. It’s more like a guest house or hostel. The address is in Jalan Teuku Umar Denpasar, the small entrance beside Hotel Queen II. Don’t get it wrong. Hotel Puri Ayu, the one in Jalan Sudirman has no connection with this guest house. And they are lot more expensive.
There are some room types. The most expensive one, the one with air conditioner and television costs Rp. 150.000,- Double single bed. Toilet inside. It’s clean alright.. Ask for mosquitoes spray if you find many mosquitoes in your room. Then lock all the windows and door after. You won’t get bother. The other types are some combinations of television and air conditioner. Sorry I can’t remember the prices.
Some of you might think that Rp. 150.000,- is normal. Not a real cheap one. Yes I agree. But If you bring a name card, marketing or sales name card from out of town, you’ll get a 50% discount. So you only pay Rp. 80.000,- for the same room. This is a total bargain!
I forgot to write down their phone number. They don’t accept early booking unless you pay. Next time I’ll update with their phone number when I got a chance.
If you don’t mind staying in the center of Denpasar, just need a place to sleep, this place is the perfect accommodation choice.