Nusa Penida: A Night to Remember

So here we are.. 5 lonely but not so lonely cowboys exploring the beauty of what has been so breathtaking lately in instagram..  NUSA PENIDA..

Photo on the left of taken in GPS coordinate: 8°45’13.00″S 115°32’18.00″E .. it was somewhere on the way to suwehan beach from cyrstal bay.. thought the background was the teletabis.. no?

I complete all pictures with the GPS coordinate.. as this what has been missing on some blogs that I read.. you can copy and paste the GPS coordinate to google map to see the exact location on the map..

we were all never been to nusa penida.. internet gave us a lot of things.. but it never complete.. the most crucial for me is the GPS coordinate.. hotel booked through agoda.. coco resort it was!.. as my understanding from the net.. nusa penida has 2 harbors for bali boat.. maruti express boat is going to the harbors on the east of the island.. caspla is more to the middle north of the island.. maruti has a nice time departure from sanur (9:00) and it’s a lot nearer from our hotel.. but it was fully booked!.. so we took caspla instead.. 7:30 departure.. took about 30 min to our hotel by motor bike.. on the boat from bali took a little bit more than 1 hour..

been reading some blogs, instagram, pinInterest, asking friends.. I find some pictures and try to find the location of that pictures.. considering our time, I decided to go 5 spot only..
1. Angel Billabong (on google map)
2. Pasir Uug (on google map)
3. Crystal Bay (on google map)
4. Guyangan Water Spring
5. Suwehan Beach (which is IN FACT WRONG !!)

got to the caspla harbour.. rented 4 bikes.. (1 of us too chicken to ride a bike haha).. went to hotel .. unpacked stuffs such as whiskey bottles!.. yeah.. we have 3 of them!.. we decided to go to crystal bay for brunch.. only took 10 minutes from our hotel.. but it was not like what i have expected.. this is like the well-known famous spot in the island.. i thought it has more crowd.. more shops.. or more coffee shops.. in fact.. we were the only tourist in that time (+-9am).. and only 1 “eatable” warung.. food was good enough btw.. view? so so.. best for sunset probably?

then we decided to go to suwehan beach.. we started from the furthest spot.. it took so long, hot, and hard trip (2 hrs) to get to suwehan beach.. and we couldn’t get the spot that we wanted! holy cow!.. there was a girl selling drinks at the parking space of the beach.. we asked her about the spot.. showed her some pictures.. she has no clue.. she took us to her land instead.. and asked us to promote the view on the net..  
GPS: 8°47’51.00″S 115°36’15.00″E
This is the view from the girl land.. beach below is Suwehan Beach

so we were told it might be in Atuh beach which is about 30 min from suwehan beach.. off we go! we got some nice spots (not the spot that we wanted tough).. see atuh pic below.. below the cliff is a nice spot called pulau seribu.. it was almost 4pm.. we had to go to pasir uug and angle billabong.. trying to get there before dark.. so another long, hot and hard damn road trip.. missed the pulau seribu spot 🙁

the road to Angel Billabong and Pasir Uug was so rocky.. up and down really steep.. but the good thing.. it is on google map!.. the view was phenomenal ! it’s so worth the effort to get there ! heard this big land own by one of country conglomerate.. just wondering how come they are so fast knowing this part of the world? uberchopper?

Arrived in the hotel around 8pm++.. swam.. dinner.. We planned to finish the whiskey at night.. but it was too tiring after those long, hot and hard trip.. I was too sleepy.. only a guy kept drinking while 4 of us dreaming.. where was his energy coming from? *wondering* ..

on the next day.. the plan was to relax and chilled after a drunken night.. but since we didn’t get to drunk.. felt so energizing.. we were all curious about 2 spots that we left.. motor bike is too hot, hard and tiring.. so we asked the hotel to take us there.. well.. we are not that Adventurous after all! spoiled old men youuuu!

Driver knew both spots!.. Suwehan was totally wrong! what we after was supposed to be near Kelingking Beach.. way far from Suwehan beach!.. and it is on GOOGLE MAP! it’s called Cliff Manta Point! there was a 90 degrees stair to go down to get a better spot from the pic we had below.. but we thought not worth the effort.. it’s a polite way to say we actually scared to go down! haha!

Guyangan was totally not in google map.. some maps I found on the web even gave me wrong point.. the famous pic of guyangan is the natural pool beside the cliff facing the ocean.. to get to the pool from the parking lot.. we had to go down the stair for about 30min.. see my pic below.. yes that kinda stair.. some from wood.. some from steel.. at the bottom of the stair is the ocean! after we arrived to the pool.. there was a sign that it’s prohibited to use the pool.. oh mannn.. !


Atuh Beach
GPS: 8°46’30.0″S 115°37’16″E

Guyangan Water Spring
GPS: 8°46’51.0″S 115°31’3″E
Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach / Cliff Manta Point
GPS: 8°45’4.0″S 115°28’27″E

Pasir Uug

Pasir Uug
GPS: 8°43’57″S 115°27’2″E

Angel Billabong
GPS: 8°44’00″S 115°26’56″E
Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay
GPS: 8°42’57.00″S 115°27’33.00″E

Bedugul Bali Saranam Resort

Bali is not only kuta, legian, ubud or nusa dua! There is one treasure almost be forgotten nowadays. Bedugul!

Bedugul is only one of many tourist destinations in the area.. The area is in high land with really nice cool weather.. Bedugul is a place in Bratan Mountain with Bratan Lake.. Another 2 lakes are Buyan dan Tamblingan Lake.. They really close to each other.. about 15 minutes driving.. It seems only Brantan Lake is managed well until now.. You can go around the lake by boat.. rent a jet ski.. there’s a hotel.. and the latest one.. there’s villas which only can be reached by boat! this is really cool.. only 700K per night.. I will spend my night there someday.. just to find the right partner.. imagine there will be nothing else but trees and fishes..

As the area getting famous.. More and more attractions coming.. there’s a tree top in the botanical garden where you can be a tarzan.. there are two places offering horse riding, atv, etc..

The best view for me still in Puncak Bagus where you see two lakes from the hill.. I wrote about that long ago..

One of the best hotels in the area is Saranam Resort.. Nice rice field scenery.. unfortunately, you cant see the lake or mountain from here.. they have rooms and bungalows.. stay in bungalows.. really quite.. really nice to clam our brain.. but i can’t stay more than 1 day here.. except..

Uluwatu Blue Point – True Paradise

I was really amaze how beautiful Blue Point is.. It’s a true paradise.. while there is no beach.. the hill edges and “caves” make it’s really really beautiful.. I went there last week.. it’s really different from the first time I came few years ago.. a lot of cafes, massages, the stairs are made from concrete.. and it looks busier.. car park was full!

The place is right on the south of Bali.. facing the Hindian Ocean.. there’s only one way to get there.. Go towards Uluwatu Temple.. just before the entrance of the Temple.. turn right.. this is the last right turn of the street.. follow the street.. you’ll see Blue Point sign on the left.. there’s actually a shortcut.. it’s kinda hard to tell..

Just after parking the car.. I’ve already seen how beautiful the scenery is from this top of hill… I walked down the hill.. cafes and massages along the walkway.. the best view was when down the last stair.. a small beach along big rocks.. it’s like a cave beach.. it’s really amazing.. Some locals told me that it used to be a nude beach last years back.. when less people know this place.. where’s the nude beach now !? anyone !?

If you like to surf.. this is the perfect place to go.. the waves are constantly come.. don’t have to wait longer.. but if you’re a real beginner.. don’t surf here.. the waves kinda strong.. do some classes at Kuta beach before you surf here..

After spend some times enjoying the water.. I went up to have massage and beer while enjoying the scenery.. this is A MUST GO place!

Bali Tourist Areas and Characters – 1

I would like to describe some tourist areas in Bali and their characters..


This place can show you the real Bali is. You MUST MUST visit Ubud when you are in Bali. When people (Australian especially) hear the word Bali, they mostly will think about beautiful beaches, hot weather, excellent waves, hot babes ahah.. etc etc.. That’s exactly right.. but there’re more things as beautiful as its beaches.. They are the cultures, the people, the scenery which all you can find in Ubud..

Ubud is located at the heart of Bali island.. It’s less contaminated from outside cultures.. people here is really really nice.. most of their job are artist and farmer.. you will see a lot of art galleries include painting, statue, craving, etc etc.. you could also see beautiful tropical forest, rice paddies, natural river, etc etc.. please don’t ever expect any wild attractions in Ubud..

One of the favorite place in Ubud is monkey forest.. it’s a tropical forest with monkey all over the place.. there’s a temple just near the river.. I really like the ambiance.. the sound of forest.. it might get a little scary at night though..

Things todo in Ubud:

  • browse some galleries, museums
  • go to the forest, rice paddies, rivers.. you can enjoy some attractions there also such as river rafting, elephant and horse riding, off road cars, etc etc..
  • Ubud has the nicest restaurants and cafes in Bali.. those really worth a visit..
  • join some classes such as yoga, meditation, etc..
  • enjoy open air massage with rice paddies / river scenery..
  • see Balinese paranormal.. watch the eat pray and love movies.. staring Julia Robert.. if you are into this kind of things.. Balinese reading will give another side of your stories..

Things don’t:

  • getting around drunk and naked..

Kuta and Legian have the same characteristics.. The area just next to each other.. Kuta is like the sea.. Legian is the mainland.. when people mention Kuta.. it’s usually mean Legian as well..

These places are the most famous area of Bali.. they’re considered the first tourist area in Bali.. Kuta has one of the most beautiful white in the world.. honestly!.. it’s endless beach from end to end.. beginner to mid surfers love the waves.. a lot of waves but not really hardcore… just perfect when you are a beginner.. many surf lessons on the beach.. i wish i could be those guys who teach surf.. arrggghh..

You’ll see lot of backpackers.. cheap hotels.. cheap foods.. you can go as low as 75K for a room without AC.. 150K with AC..

Things to do in Kuta / Legian

  • Get drunk!
  • Enjoy the beach.. sunbath, massage, beer, surf, soccer, etc etc..
  • Enjoy the clubs.. there’re lot of clubs, bars, cafes.. side by side.. in Legian.. visit them one by one.. it’s free for foreigner..
  • Enjoy the girls.. this is not for everybody allright!.. see my other articles about having girls in legian..
  • Get magic mushroom and flyyyyyy..
Things dont
  • Do NOT have sex on the beach!.. you’ll get caught..
  • that’s about it..
to be continue..

Puncak Bagus : Other View of Bali

Bali is famous of its beaches. Kuta beach is among one of the best beach in the world. White soft sands, long beach, nice waves, sunset.. just perfect!

But don’t forget, Bali doesn’t only have beaches. Bali has four lakes and four of them in the high area near mountains and hills. Nice cool weather. There is this one place, oftenly called Puncak Bagus. Actually Puncak Bagus is the name of the cafe in the area. The area itself is called Munduk.

In this place you could see two lakes: Buyan and Tamblingan with mountains and hills background. Just perfect! You have to go in the day time. Don’t get too late in the afternoon, it’s mostly got foggy. You hardly see a thing when it’s foggy.

Google Maps: -8.244959,115.1017