Cheap NOT Always Best for Holiday in Bali

We normally hear lots good things about Bali. I was really sad when my friends called me and said: “I fak n hate bali, they all bull sh t”..

I’ve got some friends coming from new zealand. I’ve been helping them to find accommodation and transportation. But they decided to take the one from the internet which was a lot cheaper to the one I recommended.

The night they arrived, they surprisingly called me if they can stay to the villa I recommended. Fortunately, the villa was available. They told me, that the place they stayed was really damn bad. Smell sh t and moldy. The worst thing, they got into some “fights” with the travel agent. What the travel agent said about the villa was totally different, so they asked for refund. This was where it all started.

The other thing, the driver! You should be curious when people sell something too cheap. There must be some catches. But what is cheap? The cost when you rent a car + guide = the car + fuel + the guide cost. Search google for the car cost (keyword: bali rent car). Browse around and you’ll get some ideas what it cost. Fuel cost should be around 100K if you travel around town, about 150K if travelling further (more than 1.5 hr trip). So the rate you get from someone – (fuel + car cost), is what the guide put in his pocket. This is of course a rough estimation, some drivers use their own car. But mostly they hire the car with similar rate to what I saw on the web.

For example, I saw on the net someone offer Rp. 325.000,- for 10 hours transport+driver.
Car cost: after googling find renting Avanza for 18 USD +- Rp. 180.000,-. This website is listed in the sponsored link. I am more trusted to the link in sponsored link as they spent thousands of dollar to be in there. Simply, they really have money.
Fuel cost: 150.000,- for travelling to ubud, kintamani and around
So total cost 180K + 150K = 330K. The amount that someone offer is 325K. That someone has to add Rp. 5.000,- for his service? Does it make any senses?
Just driver price is normally 50K for 10 hrs. He will only drive, mostly can’t speak english and you have to know where you want to go. For tour guide, english speaking is around 100K for 10hrs, other language is a lot more. In total, it should be around 380K – 450K.

So so how do they actually profit?
– they will come with a worst car. This was what happen to my NZ friends. Aircon not cold, broken chair, smell bad. If you don’t want that, they just leave. You have to spend another day finding a driver. So most of the time, you’ll take it.
– when they promise you that they will provide a tour guide, they will come with just a driver who hardly speak any English instead.
– they will somehow manage you to go to some places that give high commission. Some places include money changer, restaurants, shops, performances, etc. Basically anywhere you spend your money.

So beware when it’s too cheap!!


Arak Bali – 25+ people are dead recently

Be carefull with ilegal alcoholic drink !

Arak bali is one of the famous original balinese alcoholic drink. Some of them are legal. In my understanding, legal means they are checked by the official. They are safe to be consumed. Normally they are sold in bottle.

However, I think more of them (arak) are illegal. In the market, the illegal one is much much cheaper and often you get a really strong one. You can get drunk by let say Rp 20.000? But sometimes you can also get a really nasty one which taste like shit, makes you throw up, headache. No one really knows the exact alcohol proportion even the producer. Normally they are sold in a plastic like a small transparent plastic bag.

Just recently, about 2 weeks ago, about 15 people were dead. They consumed the arak while having a birthday party. After about 1 week ago, more people were dead. damn !! The cause of dead was methanol poisoning. I used to like getting this illegal arak when I was in highschool. A lot of people still do, especially in rural area. They were just unlucky.

So so so, to be safe, please get a legal drink. Scottish whisky is still the best for me. The price of course tell. If you want to try arak, get one in a supermarket or minimarket.

Cheers, have a happy holiday.

Apotik Kimia Farma Bali Area

These apotik sells medicine in a quite high price. But their reputable are great. You can trust them selling the “real” medicine. The best thing they are everywhere.