Bali Fine Dining – Kayu Puti at St. Regis

Kayu Puti is one of the best fine dining in Bali! It’s located in St. Regis Hotel in Nusa Dua. Pantai gerger to be precise. I love the entrance of this hotel. It looks like I’m entering jurasic park. The wall are huge. I went to the lobby and let the man park my car. The car park is quite far, so better to let them park your car. Passed the lobby, saw this really lovely villas on my right and left. I was asked if I want to take those golf buggy. I preferred walking in this beautiful place. About 5 minutes walking, we reached the restaurant Kayu Puti. The first thing I saw is the kitchen. It’s like the kitchen you see in TV serials.

We’re then seated in the private gazebo outside. The ambiance and view was sensational! We’re served with a long bread with different taste and oil in minutes. I decided to order their best menu Hot Experience. It’s mix seafood with lobster, squid, prawn, fish and some veges.

what can I say? it was THE BEST! Really love the seafood texture, soft but not too.. hard to describe.. Price is considerably great compare to what they offer..

Nirvana Restaurant – Peti Tenget

The price is right! This restaurant absolutely have the quality in the right price. I came to this restaurant last weekend, after reading some reviews on the internet.

I really love the food and atmosphere of this place. When we came in, we served with some fried peanuts and a little of margarita each. It’s just really nice so that we finished them in 1 second :). The staff then got us another little glass each, so nice.

In average, the main course is below Rp. 100.000 each. The special menu was mix grilled and mmm forget!. oh man, am I this old? We ordered the mixed grill and beef tenderloin, I really like the tenderloin, it’s tender and the herb sauce was really good. The mixed grill consist of tuna, chicken, prawn, chips and some veges. This on was ok, i mean no difference with other restaurants. If you are an orange lover, remember to order the fresh orange juice is really nice and cheap. It’s only Rp. 15.000! And don’t forget to order margarita since they give the tester for you hahaha. It’s nice!

The seats and tables was not too close to each other which gave us more space to relax. And it’s not too crowded. We could still talk at the normal db. It’s an outdoor place and the weather was just right when we were there. Live music made the atmosphere event better.

Let’s meet there next weekend.

Rock Bar @ Ayana Hotel (ex Ritz Carlton)

Another great great Bar or cafe in Bali. Rock Bar is located on the cliff of South Bali with a very very nice view of sunset, cliff, rock and ocean. Google Maps -8.783042,115.141439.

To get to this bar, you have to go to Ayana Hotel (ex Ritz Carlton Hotel) then get in to the hotel and just to straight to the cliff area, where the wedding chapel is. Then you have to get lift to go to the bar.

damn nice isn’t it.. the one and only in Bali..

This food costs around Rp. 300.000,-

They open until 1 AM. I’d like to spend one evening there sometime. It will be great!

Warung Eropa – Balinese Food in Peti Tenget Kerobokan Bali

It’s quite hard to find a nice balinese food around Kuta area. But Warung Eropa surely give you nice balinese type of foods. Warung Eropa means European Restaurant. But their European food is ok only, I like their balinese food better. I think they should change their name to something more Bali.

The place is alright.. Balinese style restaurant with no aircon but cool enough since large rice fields around the place. Car park is ok. The area is not crowded. The food, I like the Deep Fried Duck package with urap2 vegetables and rice. Yummy! It’s better with the one in Ubud I would say.

Just now I tried their Ayam Penyet (Chicken) package again with urap2 veges and rice. It’s really nice too. The chicken was cooked with balinese yellow sauce. Mix with their sambal matah (raw chili with some herbs and coconut oil), it’s just perfect! The taste is really balinese.

Balinese taste is the same taste you get in every balinese food. It’s like Indian food. There is this taste that always there. Mostly this taste is changed so it’ll be more universal accepted. Not all people like this taste. More than half of my overseas and other cities friends don’t like the taste. It’s why you find it hard to find this balinese taste around tourist area.

Dont forget to try their desert too. Chocolate cake with vanila ice cream. I can’t remember the name, but I’m sure it’s not brownies. It’s really nice, the chocolate melt in my mouth.

Google Maps: -8.672882,115.158391

Lemon Grass – A True Thai Cuisine in Seminyak Bali

Just had a really nice dinner yesterday at Lemon Grass. The place is really nice. It’s cool and clean. They just don’t have parking space, or vallet parking. But if you go by motor bike, it wouldn’t be a problem.

I had tom yum soup, gaiyang (bbq chicken) and pad thai (thai noddle). They’re all really really nice. It’s a bit different with the one in Black Canyon or Thai Express around Kartika Plaza Street. They were tasted more like the food I was tasted in Phuket. hmm.. I love Phuket Btw hmm..

The tom yum was just right in my mouth. It’s just a little sweet and if they can make it more sour just a little bit, it will be perfect. Gaiyang is the best, the herbs and souce was really nicely tasted in the chicken. Mix with the sour souce, it’s just perfect. Pad thai is really nice too. Ask for cop chilies and fish souce. Eat together with pad thai, yummy!

Just info: don’t expect to see thai people here

Google Maps: -8.692269,115.167532

How you should spend your money in Bali (My Way)

Place to eat:

Warung Babi Guling Chandra (Maps: -8.6753,115.207121) in Jl. Teuku Umar, Denpasar. Suckling PIG is one Balinese favourite. They open during day time only.
Nasi Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk (Maps: -8.667112,115.238342) in Jl. Merdeka, Denpasar. Boiled chicken with special Balinese souce.
Mak Beng (-8.673688,115.262418) in Jl. Pantai Sanur, Sanur. Fried fresh fish with the famous Mak Beng sambal. They open during day time only. Food favorite is fried fish completed with rice and fish head soup.
Sate Plecing (-8.653111,115.215082) in Jl. Arjuna, Denpasar. Pork sate with a hot sambal. They open during day time only.
Warung Eropa (-8.673094,115.15852) in Jl. Peti Tenget, Kerobokan. Their favorite food is fried duck with a nice hot sambal. They open day and night.
Jimbaran Seafood (-8.780837,115.165129) before Four Seasons Hotel. Enjoying grilled seafood with a very romantic beach atmosphere. Very nice if you go in sunset.
If you don’t have any GPS equipment, you should get an up-to-date map. The map has to have at least Denpasar, Kuta and Nusa Dua areas.

Rent a motor bike or car. I would say better to rent a bike to avoid traffic if you feel comfortable.

Day Time Activities from Monday – Friday

Day by day from Monday to Friday are very similar. Nothing special. The crowd, events and everything are mostly the same. So I will summaries it.

During these days in day time, you can go to:

Tanjung Benoa (-8.767349,115.222635) for water sport activities like banana boat, jet ski, flying fox, etc. It’s totally fun.

Surfing in Kuta Beach (-8.71628,115.168476) for beginner. You could lend a boogie or surf board in Kuta Beach while enjoying sunset. They can also give you some lessons how to surf. For expert I think you already know where to go.

You can also go to Bali Safari to see animals, Bali Tree Top for some adventures TARZAN activities, River Rafting, Elephant Safari, Diving, Snorkeling, etc. Mostly these activities you could ask for your hotel to book them.

After doing these activities you could have a massage. Try one of the following each day:
3.Cozy in Sunset Road. Just beside Reborn.
During night time, these are what you could do:
At midnight Paddy’s or Bounty (just behind Paddy’s) will give you a lot of refreshing fun. If you are lucky, you won’t go home empty.
For some trance setters, you can go to Double Six on Thursday, they normally have an international DJ spinning every Thursday.

Friday (night), Saturday and Sunday are the best time to be in Bali for party gigs.
Here is my guide:
FRIDAY PM11 PM go to Paddy’s and Bounty.

2.30 AM go to Double Six
6.00 AM go to DeeJay Café
10.00 AM go to Mc Donalds in Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai, Jimbaran. They are the only one who have breakfast menu.After have a good day sleep.
4.00 PM go to Klapa at Dreamland Beach
8.00 PM have dinner at Jimbaran Seafood
11.00 PM go to Engine Room in Legian Area just near Paddy’s
1.00 AM go to Bacio in Double Six Area
3.00 AM go to Double Six
6.00 AM go to DeeJay Café
10.00 AM have breakfast
4.00 PM go to Kudeta in Jl. Peti Tenget.. enjoy the sunset
Have a Happy Holiday !!

Dahana Japanese Restaurant Peti Tenget Bali

Just found another excelent Jap Resto.

The Place
I often pass this street and never realise it was a restaurant. You can only see its wall from the street and it’s pretty dark at night. But the interior is so nice. It’s mix outdoor western and balinese interior style. There is a pool and a whirpool in the middle.
The Food
The foods are really really nice. I tried yakiniku, fish teriyaki (malty) and chicken marinated  lemon (something, can’t remember the exact name). Chicken lemon is the best. I never tried this in any other places.
The Price
Price is considered cheap compare to the place and the taste. Most of the JAP food is 30.000, steak about 50.000.
You must try this place!

d La Tinna – Bring Your Own BOTTLES

Another ribs specialist, however this one is western style.

Location: Jl. Raya Petitenget 110, Kuta.
Just an alternatif for western food
Ribs – 45.000
Steak – 25.000
The food is OK. Not the best but OK. The price is also cheap compare others in the area.
The BEST THING, you can bring your own BOTTLES!!

Warung Leko Gatot Subroto Barat Denpasar

Do you like Fried Beef Spare RIBS with SAMBAL?

This place is the BEST. It’s origin is from SURABAYA.
The provide 4 level of sambal for their foods: not hot, middle, hot, very hot. You can even ask them to put more terasi, salt, etc to the sambal. All the food is completed with fried garlic on top.
I like their of course Fried Beef Spare RIBS, Empal and Cah Kangkung.
Fried Beef Spare RIBS – 22.000
Empal – 13.500
Cah Kangkung – 7000

D’ POTS Carrefour Sunset Road Bali

Normally foods in food court are not so nice. The taste usually pretty standard and expensive. BUT BUT I found one break those myths.

Try Mie Goreng Hokkian in D’POTS (Carrefour Sunset Road Bali Food Court). The noodle is big, about double of normal noodle and harder. The taste is very YUMMY!
Price 27500