Yoyo Ping Pong Weight Lose

Human body is the most adaptable object in the world! well at least in the losing weight point of view.. here’s my story..

When I started working out in the gym for the first time.. I lost my weight.. but after sometimes.. it stuck and going up slowly.. then I changed my diet.. still going to the gym like before.. eating less rice.. less fried food.. then i was able to get where I was when I started the gym.. maybe a little less.. but then it stuck and again going up slowly.. somehow I never reach to my goal to have a flat belly.. it’s been going on for yearsssss..

I am now almost 40 yo, some articles recommend people like me (old) to do more workout that increase the testosterone level.. more high intensity workout.. lifting more weight.. longer time exercise is not recommended.. crossfit looks excellent to me.. So I joint crossfit about 9 months ago. But again, the cycle repeats! Losing weight when started and then stays and slowly rise.. what the hell !!

Now I am trying some new.. it is still taking me in a good track till now.. the idea comes from a guest coach in the box that I join.. he mentioned about having LESS and only protein kinda food in the day time and having the carb in the evening.. weird right?.. normally.. more food during the day.. less food at night as we more things during the day..

I was so curious with this type of diet.. So I did some googling.. not sure if this is scientifically correct.. but make sense to me.. some articles explain that carb will light up our insulin hormone which will make our body not burning the fat.. so in other word.. to burn more fat.. we need to extend the time period of carb taken to our body.. why don’t we just cut the carb? it works for me for only a week.. after that just can’t do it.. just felt so weak.. especially after the workout..

And now I remember one type of diet call OCD which is quite famous here in Indonesia.. it basically limits the time of food taken in a day.. please note.. it limits the TIME not the AMOUNT of food.. it says you can eat anything as much as you want in some time frame only.. it follows the theory above.. the more often we eat (especially carb).. the more insulin hormone we will produce.. the less fat we burn..

Another thing just pop out in my mind also.. A friend who is known to be one of the best nutritionist in Bali once said to me in a lunch buffet that she needs to eat more fat but no carb.. that time i thought like WHAT?

it is all making sense now.. combining those 3 theories.. to burn more fat in our body.. put more time between each meal.. as far as we can.. use good fatty food as the fuel for our body instead of carb..

will I able to reach my goal this time? let’s see !!

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