GoPro Freeze Problem Fixed


Bought GoPro Hero4 Silver for my son’s birthday 2 years ago.. It worked super good that time. I didn’t play around with the setting though. So not sure if it was still alright for other video setting. It was set to the 4k 15fps video by default. After some months of idling, the problem started. When I turned it on, it kept  restarting for some number of times. After that it went ok. But it froze when taking video. There wasn’t any certain period of time that it would froze . It was just random. That’s so frustating, i had to keep on looking at the led light, whether it still recording or frozen. Tried to change the video setting, all combination of resolution and fps, none worked. Tried to update the firmware, didn’t help either.
Got tired of it.. I didn’t use it for a while. Then it came the time when I need it, the problem became worst. It froze every 1-2 seconds. I took the sd card away. No help! Did some checks on google, and this guy got the answer for me! check up his video
So what works for me is:
Plug the GoPro to a charger (not computer usb port)
Miracle! no more freeze shit.. but hold on
My SD Card is SanDisk Extreme UHS-I 64GB. I tested the sdcard on my android phone.. the max write speed is around 30MB/s.. Even using the video setting of 720 30fps which is the lowest recording speed 20MB/s.. It still freeze sometimes.. I believe this is the problem of the SD Card.. I just ordered the sandisk extreme pro 32gb which says to have max write speed of 90MB/s.. hopefully it will solve my problem!

updated: 3 Feb 2017 22:54:00 (GMT +8)
Just received my sandisk extreme pro sdcard.. it says 95MB/s read, 90MB/s write speed in the packaging.. tested the card in my android.. it says write speed around 60+MB/s.. good enough for my hero silver as it’s max video setting only need 45MB/s (

I was right! My gopro now works extremely well !! nice nice.. content content please anyone.. 

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