Bali Reclamation Reason of No Reason

Do you agree of the reclamation in Benoa Bali area? if you ask people in Bali nowadays.. I am sure, you will get no. This reclamation issue is getting really big lately. So many people/organisation use it for their own benefit. People will love you simply by not agreeing the reclamation.

I want to look at a bigger picture. I’ve been searching some articles, why people hates the reclamation. The points are 1st is about environmental issue, 2nd flooding some part of denpasar, 3rd about religious and culture. 
Economic growth normally goes opposite with environmental issues… it is a trade off.. one goes bad the other goes better.. Basically, if you want the economy to grow.. you have to build more road, dig more fuels, build more building.. how?.. by cutting more trees, exploding rock mountains to get their mineral, etc, etc.. It’s sad.. but ?!

Same thing apply here.. It’s a matter of what is more important in this particular moment.. I love the mangrove.. whether it’s going to be destroy if the reclamation take place.. most likely.. BUT.. comparing the damage of this mangrove to the economical benefit by the reclamation.. hmm.. those big people can’t be stupid putting huge amount money for nothing.. some articles I read, the reclamation is actually put the mangrove in a better environment.. I doubt.. but possible in some smaller parts.. 

Second, some says Sanur and some areas will be drowned. I don’t know anything about earth water system. I THINK Denpasar including Sanur is not under sea level. Again I THINK sea level will always be at the same level everywhere in the world.

Let’s take a look about this drown thing. I THINK there are two reasons why Denpasar will get drowned. First, the water rivers that flow to the reclamation bay can’t go through the sea, as the bay is getting higher. So the water flows back while still having the original flows. Second, since water space in this bay decreasing, the water that suppose to be in this bay goes to the other part and making the sea level higher. In this case Sanur sea level will get higher and it will be drowned.

For the first cause, LOGICALLY for me, water will always go down even you put anything in the middle as long there is big enough canal connecting to the level below it. Water will stuck if the canal is too small comparing to the flow the water from the source. For example, when we take shower, water will go to the drain. Let’s say we put towel between the flow of water from the shower and the drain, but let a bit space free, water won’t get stuck. Same thing apply to the reclamation. So the towel is the reclamation. The sea is the drain. I am sure the investor will create this type of canal and more of new technology etc to protect their investment. Again.. they cant be stupid!

Second cause, I am not sure! but really? again LOGICALLY, sea level is the same everywhere in the world! if sea level in Sanur area goes up.. so it is in Jakarta.. I am only sure if those big icebergs melt in artic, then we all get drowned!

Third cause, religious and culture. I am asking many foreigner friends and my guess, the reason they come and live in Bali? Some of them really love Bali and some even want to die in Bali. What they love is the culture. Every body kind, every body smile. They feel comfortable. Of course we also have so many beautiful things for them to see and enjoy. Will the reclamation change these? some articles say YES.. but why?? I just don’t get it.. If we take the reason of economic growth will change people culture, yeah I think so.. but will you stop the economic growth to keep the culture still? can you keep using the same cloth without buying a new and better one? may be for some.. but for most.. of course NOT! So even without reclamation, the economy will growth and it will change the culture eventually.

Another thing I read a lot is about over capacity.. more supply than the demand.. so many hotels will get bankrupt.. unemployment will rise so criminal will rise.. i think this is nothing to do with reclamation.. so many HUGE and small hotels are getting build around Bali at this moment.. why only complain to the one in this reclamation?

For me this issue has been going everywhere.. beyond it’s fact.. the media is not neutral.. mostly backed by some politicians.. cant believe to what they say anymore.. i am lost! If I’ve got to choose.. I choose to buy new and better cloth!

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