Fastest Way to Loose Weight

I’ve been wondering lately.. some friends who have done a lot of running like 20k+ on their daily activities.. look fatter than what they used to?? How come? .. logically.. when calories burned is greater than calories taken.. you ll lose something..

I read these informative articles that google gave me.. explaining how long steady exercise in fact not a good method in losing weight.. some hormons that are used to burn those fat are actually decreasing.. and even worst.. your muscles get burned instead..

So.. let s forget about being a marathon runner.. let s do this method that i m going to describe..

I talked before about doing exercise at 65% of ur max heart rate.. increasing daily metabolism rate.. those r ancient.. the latest study has shown.. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the fastest technique to loose fat!

Why? The logic is to “damage” your muscles.. and while the body cure that damage muscles.. it needs a lot of calories.. and it s a long one! How to damage the muscles? You do any exercise that u like in MAX!.. while you do it MAX.. you cant do it for long.. u need to rest a bit so u can do it again in MAX.. this is called HITT.. on the other hand.. long steady exercise will not damage the muscles.. so nothing to be repaired and additionally your growth hormon is decreasing..

An example.. let s do running.. 5min warmup.. super max speed 60secs.. rest for 75secs.. super max speed mean you cant run anymore after 60secs.. do it 8 rounds.. then cool down 5min.. that s IT!.. 30min only.. feel the different..

But after a while doing it.. your muscles will get used to it.. it wont give the same damage as before.. you have to change the exercise.. such as burpee, hang, pushup, stairs, jump box, etc etc..

Happy HITTING !!

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