Mount Bromo East Java – Volcanic Gateway

Thanks to Bromo Marathon organiser, otherwise I wont get my ass to this fantastic place. It was my first time to bromo. There wasn’t enough courage before. But the marathon gave more courage than I need. Took a flight to Surabaya from Denpasar. It was CHAOS in Bali airport. Lion air just ruined my day, almost 6 hours delayed! We should arrive in Surabaya around 10AM.. but in fact we got there by 4PM! I really felt sorry for the rent car driver who waited us from for 6 hours too. Lion air now is in my last list to fly.

I used my smartfren android to navigate me to Bromo Cottages, the place we stayed for the 2 nights. Two important things to note if you are going on your own like me.. First, google map will give us the shortest route.. there’s only choice to exclude toll or highway on your route but there’s no choice to exclude tiny road or even soiled road.. Second, Bromo is in high and rural area. You could hardly get any mobile phone signal..

Get lucky! I realized this JUST 1 night before I go.. otherwise, we might have to sleep in the car because being lost.. I managed to take the route with the biggest road.. It’s longer but saver for us.. the route was from surabaya airport to pasuruan.. then we took jalan raya tebas.. about 20 minutes after.. we started to lose the mobile signal.. and it was dark already.. we then prayed and hoped to see any signs.. haha.. thanks lion air to make our journey much more challenging!

Bromo only has 1 attraction.. the mountain and view around it.. that’s all.. but it’s STUNNING.. search for pictures in google.. it’s truly amazing.. Life in bromo begin at 4AM and end around 2PM.. after 2PM, it’s only hase.. can’t see anything.. radius 50m.. that’s all you can see..

Mount bromo is surrounded by mountains and hills.. and the best part.. it’s surrounded by large sand field.. So the best view of the mountain is from surrounded hills or mountains.. Normally.. you took the jeep to some certain sunrise point.. I was there around 4.30.. and it was packed!.. it’s truly STUNNING.. I went to the mountain itself.. the view was amazing also.. but I like the one from the hill more..

This is what I want to do if I got a chance to go there again.. I went here for marathon.. I got the chance to see the village, the people who actually live there.. next.. i want to explore more.. ride around with bike seem nice.. from hill to hill..

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