Sushi Q Teuku Umar Denpasar Bali

What a lucky day! So hungry after a long massage session.. I went to Jalan Teuku Umar to keep my big belly happy.. I was a little confuse between Mie Bandung or something heavier.. Accidently.. found this brand new restaurant called Sushi Q.. The Q is stand for qombi.. It’s the old minivan of VW.. The car is parked in front of the restaurant.. not sure if the sushi was made inside the car.. Google Maps: -8.681557,115.19935

I arrived around 9.30 PM.. I was explained that they were not opened yet.. today is for test food only.. everyone will get one food and one drink for free.. everyone means everyone.. including me who was no-one to them.. I only have to pay the second food.. sound good!.. The place is very typical teuku umar restaurant.. you only come to eat and go.. they have air conditioner and non area.. it’s good.. clean..

All sushis were fnisihed! I ordered beef yakiniku, udon soup.. tasted ok.. to much black pepper for the beef yakiniku.. but ok for me.. the soup for udon was nice.. I could feel the seaweed taste.. normal tea was served instead of typical japanese ocha tea.. why?.. They’re really panic for the first day (that’s why they give the food for free :).. hopefully the next day they will be better.. It’s only 20K for each food.. and 50K for 3 foods.. really cheap! really value for money.. recommended!

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