Sate Plecing Arjuna

This is one of the most unique food in Bali.. Sweet pork sate with chili / sambal sauce.. can you imagine that? Before I went to this place.. I never imagine mixing sweet pork sate with sambal sauce..

If you’re afraid of sambal, it might look scary. Well it is scary. But it’s sooooo so damn nice. This is one of the must food you eat in Bali.

The pork is so soft.. the taste really nice.. not to sweet.. although they’re sweetened.. the smoke taste also there.. The sambal sauce is the best of all.. it’s in the middle of medium to super hot (for me).. I can taste the shrimp taste but not too strong.. just perfect..

If you don’t like sambal.. you can try the sweet sauce.. but for me.. it’s just standard.. they also have beef and beef  ball soup.. pretty standard also..

The place is a warung.. low class restaurant.. no aircon.. seat on the bench instead of chair.. long table.. packed of people.. super hot especially when the satay smoke come inside.. limited tissue.. no smile.. the worst.. you can’t ask for additional sambal, soup or anything.. but.. the food is just too nice.. which keep me coming back.. haha..

Some tips if you want to come here.. if you come during holiday season.. don’t come during lunch time.. they open 10 – 5.. some times they close earlier when the satay finish.. some times later than 5 if they still have the satay.. bring your own tissue.. when you eat chili in a hot place.. you easily get super wet inside and outside.. if you are not used to spicy food or bbq ashes.. you might want to take at least 3 yakults..

Price is OK.. last time I ate 35 satays, 2 orange ices, 2 beef ball soups.. 2.5 rices.. I spent less than 100K..

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