Credit Card Reward Points: How it worth

Always in my mind, which card give the most of their reward points. I have many credit cards myself, always wondering which one to use every time I buy expensive things. So this is my analysis, I’ll discuss 2 cards I have: Danamon World and Citibank Rewards.

Danamon World

Every 1000 rupiah spent, we’ll get 1.5 reward points. 100K voucher for carrefour is worth 25000 reward points. So the rupiah amount of that voucher will be, 25000 / 1.5 *1000 = 16.666.666 rupiah. You spend 16.6M+ rupiah, you got back 100K.. it’s about 0.6%.. I calculate for redeeming IPAD is about similar percentage..

For millage it looks better. I use the Kris Flyer mileage point since they have the calculator available on their web.. 1 KF (Kris Flyer) mileage point is equal to 12 reward point.. A trip from Singapore to Bali round way needs 12.750 miles.. so it needs 12 x 12.750 = 153000 reward points.. which is equal to Rp. 102.000.000,- of spending.. you get a 2.3M rupiah worth of ticket.. it’s about 2.25%.. taxes and surcharges are excluded..

Another plus point.. we can enjoy the airport lounge using this card, free annual fee, 5% cash back on petrol and bill..

Citibank Reward Card

Every 2500 rupiah spend, you got 1, 2 or 3 reward points.. depends where and when we use the card.. Lets say it’s 2 reward points since mostly we will get these. I took an example of redeeming PS3 500GB.. it needs 323700 rewards point.. it costs Rp 2.750.000,- in some online stores.. 323700 is about Rp. 404.625.000,- of spending.. so it’s about 0.67%..

The best with this card.. when there are some promotions with some venues.. We can use our reward points as cash discount.. such as in Sushi Tei, Planet Sports, Carrefour, etc.. I calculate.. it’s about 15 rupiah for each point + some reward points + more discounts (sometimes).. you spend 2500 rupiah… you’ll get 30 back.. it’s about 1.2%.. double compare if you take the gadget..

For millage.. 7 reward point = 1 millage point.. as above.. 7 x 12.750 = 89250 reward points.. which is equal to Rp. 111.562.500,- of spending.. we get Rp 2.3M worth of ticket.. taxes and surcharges are excluded.. it’s about 2%..

Please keep in mind.. we can get sometimes only 1 instead of 2 reward points for each 2500 rupiah we spend which make all percentage above worst..

Well in conclusion.. danamon looks a bit better on the redemption value.. but citibank has better value if you don’t like travelling and like to spend money to certain places they are partnering..

– I can’t find any information about point getting expired.. it might not get expire.. but have to confirm that..
– This calculation is based on my monthly statement and some information on their official website..
– Disclaimer ON always..

Kris Flyer mileage calculator.. click here

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