Sunset Beer n BBQ at Sky Garden

I’ve just enjoyed a really good afternoon today.. It was only 50K.. I’ve got free flow beers from 1 hour and all  you can eat nice food for 3 hours!

I’ve noticed while ago from Sky Garden tweets (@61legian), they have free flow beer and all you can eat food every afternoon. But dunno it could be this nice. The new garden at the top really give nice atmosphere in the afternoon. It’s comparable or even better to many nice expensive restaurants in Seminyak area.

The free flow beers start at 5 – 6 PM. Quite short one, but again it’s only 50K with the food! The waiters go around and around pouring the beer to your glass. I was seated at the back corner. Don’t ever seat there if you are a beer lover. The waiter only bring one jug, and it always finish before they reach my table. I will seat near the bar next time!

The food is nice. Considering the price, it really really damn nice. haha. Today, there are onions (cooked in 3 different ways), bread, roast chicken, sausages, hamburgers, chicken and beef bbq kebab, pork ribs, pasta, etc etc.. it’s a real food.. you can keep on eating them until 8 PM.. I’m still so damn full now! I might skip breakfast tomorrow..

This is a real bargain deal. Nice place, nice atmosphere, nice food, nice drink.. also.. last but not least of course.. nice chicks!

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