Musashi Japanese Food in Nusa Dua

Musashi is one of the pioneer japanese food in Nusa Dua area. It’s located in Jalan Nusa Dua Selatan. It’s on the way to Pantai Geger where the new huge Mulia Resort is. Google Maps: -8.811563,115.224692.

What I like most is its location. It’s in a really quite area, far from any crowds. Mulia Resort is just opened, they might make this area busier. But for now, it’s still really quite. I’ve come like five times to Musashi, and all the time, there weren’t many guests. It was about 2 – 4 tables. The restaurant have about 2 unwalled rooms with 2 tables, about 3 or 4 tables in the main area.. They also have outside area..

I had salmon and tamago sashimi, karaage, one of the best seller sushi with salmon, unagi and tobiko black and two island shiraz.. i forgot the name of the sushi.. I asked for the best seller one.. waiter gave me that.. the sashimi was really nice.. it’s fresh.. I don’t like the wasabi however.. it’s not HOT.. I like their karaage best.. compare to others jap resto.. I would say Musashi has the best karaage.. The sushi.. whatever the name.. was OK only.. I can’t taste the unagi.. the mayonise taste was too strong..

Total I paid like 900K+.. the wine itself around 300K+.. Price was a bit too expensive I guess.. they put on 15% of service if I’m not wrong.. this doesn’t feel right.. 5% should be OK.. but not 15%? ..

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