District Night Club ex Musro

Went to District on Saturday for the launch of Fashion Vodka. I’ve heard the rumors that the new management has put a lot investment to renovate the place. My expectation was quite high that the place will be a lot better.

Well.. when entering the entrance.. I’ve to throw away that high expectation.. only small little changes to the club.. if you ever go to musro last time.. this new district has no different.. well may be just a little bit.. the lighting, table design, sofa.. I didn’t go to the karaoke room that day..

The party itself was ok.. Only see 2 ftv type of models with lots of f vodka bottles on their table.. there is no free trial of the vodka like they did in Hu’u Bar when they launching the f vodka also.. the crowd was ok but not for long.. live band performance on the stage untill around 1 i guess.. some models on the stage for a short time.. that’s about it.. it’s quite boring after a while..

I didn’t pay for the entrance that day.. not sure how much for the entry fee was.. drink prices are club standard.. cocktail around 100-200K..

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