Dapurku Dapur Sunda Bali

Another West Java or Sunda type of restaurant has opened in Bali. It’s located in Sunset Road between the intersection of Kunti St and Nakula St. Google Maps: -8.691548,115.173062. The place is big, you have no worry about parking space.

The main different of Dapur Sunda and others is their private dinner area. They have many small dining rooms, fully air conditioner which can accommodate around 10 people or maybe more. When you have a discussion or privacy dinner, these rooms are really convenient. They also have normal restaurant table area in the front.

I tried the Gurami Cobek, Kangkung Cobek, Sambal Terasi and Sambal Matah. Gurami Cobek is OK.. They cut the fish in small pieces.. The fish itself was really nice.. it was really fresh.. not odd fresh water taste.. The sauce, on the other hand, was not really nice.. FOR ME tough.. But I like the Sambal Terasi and Sambal Matah.. It’s damn hot but nice.. It got even nicer when I mixed these two different sambals.. Next time I will order just normal Gurami Goreng.. i think they call it flying gurami.. something with fly.. and order these two sambals..

Price is quite high compare to their competitors nearby.. Bale Udang Mak Engking and Ikan Bakar Tempoe Doeloe are very similar to Dapur Sunda.. Their size of restaurants, their foods and their origins are very very similar.. However Bale Udang and Tempoe Doeloe sell their fish a lot cheaper.. Dapur Sunda sell their fish around 70K.. Bale Udang and Tempoe Doeloe around 50K.. The same apply to their vegetables also..

Offer all.. The only thing I’ll miss to Dapur Sunda is their sambals. And I might also go if I need privacy group dinner.. Other than that, I’ll go to Tempoe Doeloe.. Tempoe Doeloe has better taste of the fish, the vegetables and cheaper of course!

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