Crab Food in Bali

I am a big fan of crab food.. In Bali the choices are not many.. there’s only 2 restaurants (that i know of) specialize in crab.. others are more to chinese food restaurants.. damn I really miss those chili crab in east coast seafood center singapore!..

The nicest one is in Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai Tuban.. the name is Crab Chubby.. Google Maps: -8.741985,115.181737. They sometimes have those big big crabs.. for those who like egg crabs.. they normally have them.. Price around 180K – 200K per kg.. for me I like the one with saos sambal.. *glek*

The second nicest is in Pasar Kuta.. Google Maps: -8.722515,115.176437. They call Kepiting Sukro.. They have more variety taste.. but they rarely have those big crabs and egg.. They have 3 different type of crabs.. 55K per portion for dead crab but still taste OK.. smaller crab (300gr and below) for 120K per kg.. bigger crab (350gr and above) 180K per kg.. The best is saos pedas sukro.. beware this is HOT..

Take a look at above picture, this is the kepiting saos pedas sukro.. 1 crab of 400gr.. *glek*

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