Bali Holiday | Nyepi 2012

Nyepi probably the most unique and strange thing about Bali. It’s a holiday in Bali and Indonesia. Indonesia treats Nyepi is just like another holiday, but not in Bali. Nyepi is the first day of new year in balinese calendar. It’s a day (24 hours) of complete silence. I put a word complete because silence not only applied to your ears, it’s also applied to your eyes! You can see complete information of Nyepi in

I won’t go into details of what Nyepi is.. that information is everywhere.. just googling on it.. and the fact is i dont really know either.. haha.. Nyepi is on 23rd of March this year.. I’ll list what to expect on Nyepi if you are in Bali:

1. On 21st of March.. supermarkets will be full of people.. some foods will hardly to get.. you should prepare yourself before that.. buy some foods to survive in 1.5 days..

2. On 22nd.. shops, restaurants, department stores, supermarkets.. mostly all businesses in bali will be closed around noon time.. 1 or 2 PM..

3. The ogoh ogoh parade will start around 6 PM.. Get a bike or walk to the nearest big intersections.. they normally do some attractions in the intersections.. Ogoh-ogoh is statue that built from wood, paper etc.. It’s part of Nyepi ceremony.. search youtube for ogoh-ogoh to get the idea what it is.. this is cool.. you should see this if you happen to be in Bali on 22nd..

4. You won’t be able to go anywhere by car since 6 PM.. the street will be full of ogoh ogoh and people..

5. The parade normally finish by midnite..

6. On 23rd.. Nyepi day.. Nyepi will start at 6AM.. No one is allowed to go out.. even the airport will close!.. NO TV, Paid TV nor Local Radio!.. If you have free satelite tv or radio, lucky you!.. dont forget to get some series DVDs.. or a 2000 pages novel..

7. Evening.. no light.. no candles.. it has to be completely dark!.. you will be notified by the pecalang (security in the area) if you have light coming from your house..

8. On 24th.. 6AM.. Nyepi finish.. back to normal..

most points don’t apply if you stay in a big hotel.. Hotel is allowed to have some lights in the room.. Some hotels will have some channel on their TV… restaurant will be opened in the hotel.. they might close earlier though..

it’s really the best day when you want to have 12 hours sleep without any disruptions.. there wont be any sound of constructions, dance musics, concert, crowd playing guitar, people talking on the street, sound of cars.. etc etc..

only some people really do the nyepi ritual.. some choose to stay in hotel.. some choose to darken their home.. i used to do this when i was a kid.. i chose a room with less windows.. i closed those windows with cartons.. so it’s completely dark from outside.. brought the tv in.. and i spent the whole night there watching tv.. daytime was easy.. tv could still be on.. but now.. tv will be off.. gov rules.. hopefully gov wont turn the electricity off.. can’t understand why gov force people tolerance this far.. this topic is for another blog.. haha..

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