Sky Garden Club Bali (Ocean Beach Legian)

Sky Garden and Ocean Beach Club is a club with cheap drinks and good performances.

It’s been a while since my last visit to this club.. and I began to wonder since my 18yo russian neighbor keep talking about this club..

Last time, it was just a small venue.. with cafe in ground /first floor.. resto in second floor.. third and forth are disco.. crowd? so so..

Today, it is a really really exciting place! They manage to link the two building on the second and above floors.. it has more spaces now.. and more people of course.. packed! They are building some spaces behind I suppose.. more to come in months ahead..

The first floor is cafe or something like that.. I think they still selling sandwich like last time.. second floor.. resto bar and hip hop floor.. third floor.. rnb and house music.. forth deep trance music.. they’re all packed every day !!

The drinks here are cheap!.. At the gate, you have to pay 50.000 and you can get 2 beers!

Obviously.. this is a must visit club now if you are in Bali!

[updated 21.06.11]
Just visit this club again on last sat.. arrived there in about  12 am.. not so much crowd.. I still can walk around on the dance floor.. I could see the pole dance really close till I can see her hair haha.. I began to wonder a bit.. why.. But not long after that, people started coming and soon packed!

I paid 50.000 rupiah for the entrance.. and change to long island ice tea.. really love this ice tea.. the alcoholic taste really strong.. I decided to go to up to see more performances.. for you guys love to see performances..¬† you guys should go to third floor.. in the outdoor area with house / trance music.. this is where the most performances will started with some dances, fire dances and ballet. I don’t know types of dances, but i noticed they were some diff dances even some of the dancer were the same. They were not like any crappy performances where you normally find in other clubs. They were pro! Really love the ballet performance.

these girl were among the ballet performers.

I love the vodka with juice + red bull! It’s like another girly drink at first, but it’s getting more exciting afterward. It was voted as favorite drink by one of foreign magazine (cant remember the name) in 2009. And it’s only 50.000 before midnite and 70.000 after midnite. Really damn cheap!

Cheap drinks and good performances are making Sky Garden n Ocean Beach Club differ from others. These make them packed every single day!

Smirnoff Vodka: Rp. 800.000,- (On special when bought it)
JW Black Label: Rp. 1.600.000,-

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