Bounty Club Discotheque – Foam Party – Muscle Man

Every friday and saturday night Bounty Discotheque performs a special show. Muscle men, break dance, fashion show are some of them. They also has a special party.. FORM PARTY.. I was too damn late to take the form party picture.. there was only one man left in the form box .. Next time I’ll take a better shoot..

Bounty is a really typical balinese discotheque: no aircon, a lot of light, open air, hip hop disco, most people drunk, wet wet wet, famous arak cocktail and beers. But this is why you go to Bali for! Every night this place is packed except in raining night.

Bounty club is right behind Paddy’s Club. There are 2 bars in the entrace walk featuring live rock band. Guests are allowed to sing on the stage. Sometimes I heard the guest was a lot better than the singer.

Bounty itself is a two floor disco. First floor is where the foam box is. It’s a closed air space. There are seldom any people here of course except when the foam party started. The second floor is the open air disco. It’s packed every night. This is where the performances are.

For Indonesian, we have to pay 50.000 beer fee for the entrace. For foreigner is free. If you are Indonesian but you look like Japs super star, you can pretend that you are foreigner. Just be sure to wear your bikinis 🙂 *joking*

This place is really happening. I really love their drunken crowd!. I really recommend you guys to go to this place.

Google Map: -8.718231,115.175042.

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