Setting Goals by Feeling It

I heard in so many seminars, I read in so many books about how to set my goals. But I never knew what this goals for. I know that I want to have some things, or go some where. And I know how to set a road map to be there. But always, in the middle or even just after start, I started to give up. And not for long after that, I really gave up and forgot about the goal I have set.
I attended full three days recorded Anthony Robbins seminar by Tung Desem Waringin some years back. I’ve learned so many things. One that really hit me was how to get rid of my fear. I always scare to talk in public. This is the main reason I attended this seminar at the first place.
About setting goals, in this seminar I learned that goal can be set by the fear itself. I was told to imagine something really frightened. I imagined that my mom got really sick and I don’t have any money to pay for the hospital, so that the worst things happen. It totally worked !! I have to make more money so that I can pay the hospital. Every time I was about to give up, I remember this imagination, and I’ll continue my road map.
The other way to set the goal is to feel the goal itself positively. You feel the enjoyable part. Normally the goals are something good, fun and enjoyable, aren’t they?. Let say you have a goal to have a Ferrari F430. Then you feel it, don’t own it since you can’t afford it. You can rent it from a friend, or from a rent car. Believe me, it’ worthed. Feel the differences. Go to a crowded place. Feel it when everybody look at you, feel when gorgeous girls look at you, they talk about you. Feel it and put it in your head. This feeling will keep you running to reach this goal every time you are about to give up.
I tell you about my experience. It seems a really simple thing, but it made me understand how to set a goal. I’m really enjoying myself when I’m drunk with a lot of friends in a favorite places. About two years ago, I started to feel sick every time I got drunk. Until a time I got really sick and couldn’t wake up from my bed.
Then I checked myself with the doctor. My cholesterol was high, problem with my liver, uric acid was high and the worst thing was my balder was sandy. I knew that all this problems because of my way of eating and my sport activities which basically none.
So then, I decided my goal was to get healthier so that I can go to a club and feel what I wanted to feel. The goal was set. The goal was not really the healthier thing, but it’s more about the feeling. I better say, the goal was the drunken feeling.
To reach the goal, I have to set a road to be there. Two things I could do. One was to go on diet. The other was to do some sports regularly. The mix of both would give me a faster track. But I had to be honest to myself so that I won’t suffer during reaching my goal. Diet was a really hard choice for me. My environment just wouldn’t let me to go on a heavy diet. Regular sport like gym was more likely.
I started to get some resources from the internet. I learned which exercise could burn fat, how often should I go to gym, how long, etc. The important thing to learn is what to expect from the exercise you’ve done. If you walked 30 minutes every morning, you can expect that you will loose your weight about 10 kg in 6 months FOR EXAMPLE. You can’t expect you loose 10 kg in 1 month by doing this exercise. You can asked the instructor in the gym for more resources. I’ll write in other article about the exercise to loose weight.
There was a time when I feel tired and bored. This was when my feeling goal help. This time I know that setting goal is the most important part. I reminded myself about my feeling goal for 1 minute. Then I got excited and started to continue my road map.
Feel your goal, draw a road map to get there and know what to expect in period of times. That’s about it.

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