Final Champion League 2009 – Why I think Man Utd will win the trophy

The ideal final will begin in 3 hours. The king of England vs The king of Spain. The best defensive vs The best attacking team in Europe. If you watched the semifinal Chelsea vs Barca, you would agree that Chelsea should win the semifinal. It’s obvious unless you are Barca fan. From bandarmologi point of view: money will be much greater if Barca vs Man Utd in the final. Of course !! Just compare Barca and Chelsea fans for start.

Let’s talk about the final.

Barca will miss 3 of their first choice defenders. I think since the news became official, the odds slide a bit. Barca: 1.97 to 2.05. Check this graph. This is a really really BIG LOST for Barca. So what this graph or odds tell you? More and more people in the world take MAN UTD. More brains are likely better than fewer brain, aren’t they?

Sir Alex is far better, more experiences, than his counterpart Guardiola. Back to semifinal when Barca almost lost to Chelsea, lessons are learned by Sir Alex. Barca always plays beautiful attacking football, I’ve never seen they play differently. Their fans love the way they play. But it will cost Barca this time. I believe Man Utd will play boring defensive counter attack which Barca hits alot. The game will be very similar with the semifinal when Chelsea vs Barca.
The second best player in 2008, Lionel Messi, has difficulty playing with EPL defender which use more physical contacts. Patrick Evra will guard him closely. I think he capable doing that. I just hope that he won’t get a red card.
Top 50 Asianbookie competition stats, 58% (22 of 38) takes Man Utd.
For these four reasons, I strongly believe the game will go tie or Man Utd get luckly with 1 goal.
I don’t think of any bandarmologi analysis at this final. 
Correct Score: 0-0 and 1-0

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