Paddys Club 2 – Most Happening Club in Legian Kuta Bali – Every Night

If you come to Bali in week days, don’t worrys. Paddys Club 2 is always packed every night.
My friends from Jakarta came to Bali last week on Tuesday. I took a Beat Magazine and What’s On in Circle K to check if there was any party that night. Some clubs have some regular events. The name of the events were really attractive like Babes and Bubbles. Because of the event name, we then went to the club Double Six area. No crowd. Then while we were here, we checked Jl. Abimanyu Seminyak area, Kuta Beach. DAMN! They were all empty. It’s midnite 0:00.
Then we went to Paddys Club 2. Remember that the first one got bomb. The club was 3/4 full. Dance floor were packed. Here people were mostly from Australia and Japan. They were mostly tourist. I walked around and beside the stage I saw a pool. Not a real one, it’s like kids pool which you can put one the floor. It’s quite big. Well about 5x3m.
Entering Fee: 50.000 (get 1 local beer)
Local Beer (Bintang, Bali Hai, Anker) : 20.000

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