Magic Mushroom Bali

I want to share about my experience using this MAGIC MUSHROOM in one night club in Bali.
I heard so much stories about this mushroom. And you know, stories are always good. So me and my friend decided to try one night. We went to the seller in Kuta (near Kuta Market). You can see their sign from the main street. I was quite suprise, is this thing legal?
We talked to the seller about the effects, dose, and how they grow and pick up. Well for Bali Magic Mushroom, they grow on cow and buffalo dung. And the seller picked up from the dung and select the good one before selling them. I felt a bit disgust when the seller told me that we were eating things from SHIT. But who’s care when you know what is coming.. ?
The magic mushroom was juiced with fanta. It’s only a small glass. We finish them in 1 shoot. *Glek*. done. We went to the club. The first 10 minutes I felt something different. It’s like when you get a bit drunk. It becomed harder and harder. It felt really good until well about 45 minutes. After it started to feel too hard / high. After 1 hour I throwed up in the toilet. A LOT!!. When I raised my head, I started halusinate. The wall was moving, the door was not rectangle. I was shocked!!
This is my first time halusinated. I calmed myself down and I walked out and seeing my friends. In the hall it was fun just like getting drunk. My friend was not halusinated at this time. After about 1.15 hour, my friend passed out. He just dropped from the chair to the floor. The security guys helped to get him to the sofa.
My view suddently changed. The club became a war zone in the desert. The security guys were the army and my friend was died. Again I calmed myself down. I closed my eyes and opened them slowly. Ohh.. I was in the club again.. thx..
I follow the security guys brought my friend to other room. When we just got in the room, my friend suddently woke and stand up. And he was OK, just some bruise in the forehead. After resting about 15 minutes, he wanted to get home. OK we decided to get home.
BUT when we got in the front door, I started to halusinate AGAIN. And this time was BAD HALUSINATED!. I felt so terrible, I saw woman crying with blood, I saw man with wolf head, I saw girl full of mouth and really scary face. I felt like SHIT!. I was so scare. I asked my other friend to take my friend (passed out) home. I thought I better stay in the club with some friends.
The next 1.5 hours was like hell to me. I keep seeing scaring things. But there was one good thing. There was some girls sitting in front of me. I saw them naked, their boop became bigger, HAHA.. some funny things. I wish I could see it long enough. After some times, it backed to the scary things.  I kept seeing my mobile phone for time.
I remember and never forgot, at 1.06 AM, it’s GONE!! I felt soo delightful.. that the effects are gone!!.. and I just wanted to go home and sleep…
Just when I got home, I rushed to go to sleep. I went to the toilet to clean up. When I brushed my teeth, my teeth became longer (it’s just like a vampire / dracula). And my hand became bigger. I STOP brushing etc and just lying on my bed. And everything was back to normal.. hahh..
I tried to sleep for about 1.5 hours and still didn’t seem likely. So I decided to eat. There was only biscuits. I finish them all anyway. And just when I layed myself down, I got a sleep.
This magic mushroom is very very dangerous if you don’t know how to use them (just like me). You can get yourself kill! Just to remind you read the MANUAL BELOW !!

If you need technical information about this super magic mushroom, you visit

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  1. Oh i got same experience about magic mushroom, I never thought that really scary, i thought that just juice like orange juice. i didnt kno what will happen if i drink that.
    So i try it when i were in Bali last month with my boy friend, after we drink oh My GOD scared us so much. I was laughing, crying without reason. and i saw my bf look like snake and he saw me look like dragon. but I still keep my self down and strong and we were remaind each other and Thanks GOD we can through a terrible night. so friend pls never try the crazy mushroom.. be careful

  2. I have experienced myself about this magic stuff. but my experience was different. Your hallucination was a scary one (really, with that bloody faced women, wolf headed men and war …). My magic mushroom world was like a world in fairy tails where there were beautiful princes, little peter pan and fairies, and of courses there was a witch with moon face (that was the girl who tried to ask me out in the toilet of a club). That was weird because she tried to talk to me in her broken English. When my boyfriend came to check out on me (he was standing outside calling for me right at the time she asked me whom I was with. Then suddenly my boyfriend's appearance and his voice scared her away, she just turned right ahead and walked out the toilet. After that, I went out to tell my boyfriend about this strange girl. Not long after, i saw her walking around our table with the green moon face. It was like Alice in Wonderland where there is a full range of characters with beautiful and wicked look.

    I felt so good as if i was floating around the moon. Anyway, that was my first mushroom experience. I am wondering if it could happen again for the 2nd/ 3rd time.

    Mushroom might be a hazard but an easy way to feel great if you know how to use it. Friends, don't miss it ! It's great !

  3. chances are you probably had some lsd or something along those lines in that shot.. since shrooms dont generally give you strong hallucinations. ive done em quite a few times and yer bieng out at a club is not the best. usually find a nice relaxing spot and play music, a forest is very good..

    but yer what you experienced doesnt sound like shrooms. and no one has ever died from them either. alcohol might have been the reason behind your friend passing out. but its probably the safest drug out there apart from weed, assuming you know where your getting it from.

  4. Yea U r a begginer, u should take half dose. And u have to control wot u want to see hear and halucinate. at first time i had bad experience to but now i enjoy it so much. u can get sum ideas that u never think even in a second in ur whole live. amazing isn,t it? sumhow u might think to be a vegetarian or u can think and more care with plants, nature sumthin like that. And this feeling not wot i gave alone, there is a major group feeling the same 🙂

    If u willing to eat Magic mushroom again here sum advice u might have to know,

    1. be out door under the moon, stars, sun ,cloud don't be in room. I suggest be in beach, mountain, valley, lake, golf field, u name it NATURE!! With sum music it ll be nice.

    2. Don't go to crouds u will be paranoid. group of 40-50 people max its okay.

    3. Dont go to regular night club.. yes it will be like war zone in there. Go to psychedelic party.. that's where u should be!! Coz they all eat mushroom or sumthin like that. They play halucinogen music too. I allready go to many clubs, party, rave indor outdor, u name it. But the Psychedelic party I like the most!!! 🙂

    4. Drink it up with person u know well, if not u can get to a fight or worse.

    5. Don't try to drive while triping especially at night! Becouse ur eye is fascinated to lights. Imagine u r staring at another car opposite of you!?

    No offence just share wot i been trough.
    Pardon me if my english very badd
    Enjoy and have a nice trip

    -Psychedelic Traveler-

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