Back Street ex MUSRO Bali

I went to Back Street last weekend (HELLOWEEN) to see DJ RIRI (one of the best Indonesian DJ). I got there about 11 PM. Paid 50.000 and got a beer. I was a bit shock, the place was really quite. I was informed that DJ Riri will start at 1 PM and super sexy dancers before that. I though OK.. may be I was too early..

About Back Street
Before MUSRO is divided into 2 area. One hall area and karaoke area. The hall area is now managed by Back Street. The hall is big. The stage at the front, left right sofa and bar at behind. Blue color is their trademark I guess. I like the tables with the blue light inside them. Parking space is huge, you can also use the parking mall (Discovery Shopping Mall).
If you went to MUSRO Hall before, the interior is quite similar. Just some tweaking here and there so it look more simple and big. It’s a lot better I would say.
If you need more “friends”, they also have PR (Public Relation) for this services. Just ask the waiters for the PR.
I waited there until 12.30. The crowds weren’t here!! More people coming, but there wasn’t enough to make the event happening.
A lot of places this day had helloween party, and I don’t want to miss the night of helloween by sitting around waiting for people. So I decided to enjoy at other places.

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