Taliwang 99 Sunset Road Bali

It’s been a while (like 2 weeks) I didn’t pass Sunset Road. Last weekend I went to Cineplex 21 (cinema) and suprise there is a restaurant in the opposite of Cozy. It was a field from what I can remember. Building a restaurant in 2 weeks? hmm.. Maybe I didn’t notice when they built it..

 Taliwang 99
I tried the Ikan Laut (krapu) bakar, Paket Ayam Bakar. They are OK, normal like anyothers. The good things they are cheap. The bad things it’s quite dirty. Now you have an alternative in kuta area for cheap bakar type of food.
Our Score:
Food: 6.5
Place: 6
Price / Food: 6.5
Repeat Order: NO

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