Bumbu Desa Renon

For complete information about bumbu desa you can visit their website @ http://www.bumbudesa.com
This is a very typical SUNDANESE Restaurant. Gurami Goreng, Ayam Goreng (kecap, kuning, etc), Ayam Bakar Kecap, Empal Gepuk, hmm.. so many.. Udang, Cumi, etc.. 
I like the Ayam Bakar Kecap, so soft and tasty. The rest I fell OK same like the others. The Price… Gurami is expensive 38.500 compare to the taste, Ayam is OK 10.000, Empal +-11.000. 
The good thing are:
  • You can take as much sambal as you like
  • You can take as many lalapan as you like
The sambal is not stable, i mean the taste. Sometime it’s very very good, but the other time is not good.
Our Score:
Food: 7.5
Place: 8.5
Price / Food: 7.5
Repeat Order: For Ayam Bakar Kecap YES

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